Mohawk Airshows: OV-1


Mohawk Airshows: OV-1 Factsheet

The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk is a two-seat, twin-engine turboprop armed military observation and attack aircraft, designed for battlefield surveillance and light strike capabilities. It was intended to operate from short, unimproved runways in support of United States Army maneuver forces. It was the last fixed-wing aircraft to be designed specifically for the US Army.

The Mohawk’s first flight was in 1957 and operational units arrived with the Army starting in 1959. Mohawks served in the US Army from Vietnam through during Operation Desert Storm, with the last OV-1Ds being retired from service in 1996. Starting in 1972, the Army National Guard began to receive the Mohawk, eventually operating 13 OV-1Bs, 24 OV-1Cs, and 16 OV-1Ds serving with three aviation units in Georgia and Oregon, the last OV-1D being retired from the Georgia ANG in late 1996.

Argentine Army Aviation received twenty-three OV-1s in the 1990s. Ten were operational and the rest were used for spare parts. The final Argentine Mohawk was retired from use in 2015.