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Health and Wellness Center

Dover Air Force Base: Health Promotions Flight
Fun, Rest, Exercise, Diet (FRED)

Health Promotion Flight
423 Chevron St.
Dover AFB, DE 19902

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 0730-1630
Closed - Weekends and Holidays

Classes and Programs Available

All programs are open to active duty military, retirees and their dependents.

To register for any of the classes dial 677-FRED (3733)

Tobacco Cessation
We follow the American Cancer Society's FreshStart format. Freshstart is designed to help participants plan a successful quit attempt by providing essential information, skills for coping with cravings, and group support. The information, activities, and discussions will help participants discover why they smoke and what motivates them to quit.

Healthy Heart Class
Reduce your risk of heart disease through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. This two and a half hour class covers it all. The class focuses on reducing cholesterol and salt in the diet. You can pick up a low fat or low salt cookbook. Physician referral & pre-registration required.

Diabetic Nutrition Class
The Conversation Map session is used to engage those with diabetes or pre-diabetes in a meaningful discussion on how to manage this disease. It is interactive and invites participants to share their experiences while learning ways to achieve optimal blood sugar control through healthy eating. Physician referral and pre-registration required.

90+ Nutrition/AF Healthy Weight Class: Studies have shown dieting alone does not work and exercise alone does not work. But together, a correct nutritional program along with an individualized exercise prescription is the best plan for overall
health and weight loss success. Mr. Geoff Borro will analyze your current caloric intake and provide scientific based facts on how to adjust your eating habits to achieve your goals. All interested members will also be monitored on a monthly basis checking not only your weight, but also your body composition (Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index.)

Gait Analysis Appointments: We off this service to all active duty, dependants, and retirees suffering with pain associated with running. A video recorder will be setup behind the treadmill, which will record your gait cycle. This will be relayed to a laptop where slow motion and freeze frames can be used to carefully assess your running or walking style. Running style prescription and running shoe recommendations will be offered.

HAWC Staff

Steve Allen
Health Program Manager

Geoff Borro
Nutrition Program Manager