Engineers lead the way for Thunder Over Dover


With the 2017 Dover Air Force Base Open House fast approaching, much of the base has begun preparing for the event. One large effort of support for the open house is coming from the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron.

Whether it be running cable for aircraft tie-downs, constructing fencing or staging water buffalos for hydration, Dover CE Airmen are ensuring that the event has the proper infrastructure. Each section has been tasked with different responsibilities for preparation during the open house.

“There’s no one spoke on the wheel that’s not important. Everybody’s effort is required to keep this thing going,” said Master Sgt. Charles Patterson, 436th CES operations flight superintendent. “As far as a civil engineer perspective, we do it all.” 

The 436th CES will also have fire department, explosive ordnance disposal personnel and emergency managers on standby alongside other base and local first responders. These Airmen will be ready, with their local counterparts, to respond to any emergency during the event.

“We are the United States Air Force, and more than that, we’re civil engineers. We respond accordingly, no matter what the task,” said Patterson. “Our Airmen understand we have a job to do, we have a mission to do. Anytime a task is brought down or asked of them they respond just like any other task and they are always on the spot ready to work.”

These Airmen are just one part of Team Dover that contribute to preparing and executing “Thunder Over Dover.” All of Team Dover is participating in a monumental effort to ensure everyone attending the event has a fun and safe experience.

“I’m excited for the open house. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for a lot of people to come see, not only that, but for my family to come see,” Staff Sgt. Steven Crump, 436th CES electrical systems specialist. “I’ve got two boys and they’re going to be excited to see what we do here. I don’t get them over here very often to see what we do.”

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