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 AMC Museum

What is the Air Mobility Command Museum?

The Air Mobility Command Museum houses a growing collection of vintage planes and artifacts that reflect the evolution, history and varied missions of military airlift and tanker aircraft. Special emphasis is placed on the history of Dover AFB since its beginnings in 1941. 

Housed in a restored World War II hangar that was once the home of the Army Air Force Rocket Test Center, the museum is a registered National Historic Site. There is a large outside airpark, a commemorative garden and an excellent spot to watch airfield operations. 

Our collection started in 1986 with a single C-47A that was rejected beyond saving by other museums. Today it stands immaculately restored among two dozen other planes and helicopters, all available for close inspection. 

Dover's first strategic airlifter is represented by the single remaining C-54M, which was specially modified during the Berlin Airlift for hauling coal. One of the most charismatic planes in the collection is undoubtedly the B-17 Flying Fortress that recently completed a long-term refurbishment. It sits beside a P-51 Mustang that looks mission ready. Our Trainer collection ranges from an open cockpit PT-17 biplane to a jet propelled T-33 Shooting Star, and don’t miss our supersonic fighters including an F-106 Delta Dart. 

We have the very first C-141A Starlifter ever built; one of only four still in existence and the last C-141B stationed at Dover. Although these swept-wing four engine jets are the largest planes in our permanent collection, we have other rare transports like a C-123 Provider and a C-7 Caribou. 

More aircraft and displays are being added regularly. We’re open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are closed on Sunday and Monday and Federal Holidays. For museum information, call (302) 677-5938 or visit the website
 Cargo Processing/Inquiries

How can I find information about shipments of cargo routed through Dover AFB?

For questions regarding cargo tracking, processing and delivery, contact the 436th Aerial Port Squadron at
 Economic Impact

How large is Dover AFB?

Dover Air Force Base is situated on approximately 3,900 acres located southeast of Dover, the capital of Delaware. Total value of resources equals $5.7 billion. This approximate figure includes aircraft, capital assets such as land and buildings, equipment, retail sales, base operations and maintenance outlays. The total economic impact is approximately $466 million, which includes salaries, retiree pay, local contracts and local area expenditures within a 50-mile radius of the base. Secondary jobs created are estimated at 2,275 as a result of the base.

 How many people are assigned to Dover AFB?

The Dover Air Force Base workforce consists of 6,400 military personnel: 3,900 active duty, 1,500 reservists and 1,000 civilians. It also supports approximately 5,100 family members.
 Employment at Dover AFB

How do I find a job at Dover Air Force Base?

You can seek employment at Dover Air Force Base through two different programs. The first is through a Department of Defense (DoD) position and the second is a local non-appropriated funds (NAF) slot. 

To search for DoD jobs at Dover AFB and throughout the DoD system, go to If you locate an open postion at Dover AFB, contact Civilian Personnel at 302-677-4649. 

To search for a NAF job here, go to For more information, contact NAF at 302-677-6581/6582.
 Flyover Requests

Can I request a flyover for my event?

Aerial support for community events must be approved by the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs before Dover aircraft can participate. For information on request procedures or to check on upcoming eligible events, visit 

In general, flyovers must coincide with: 

- Events specifically designed to highlight aviation 
- Events specifically designed to honor America's armed forces or substantially contribute to recruiting efforts 
- Ceremonial events scheduled within 7 days of one of the following nationally recognized patriotic holidays: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day or Veterans Day. 

The process for requesting any flyover or static display, including Dover C-5 Galaxies, should begin a minimum of 90 days before the event. 

For more information or to begin the process for requesting a flyover, please contact the Dover AFB Community Relations Office at (302) 677-6575 or (302) 677-3372.
 Honor Guard

Can I request the Honor Guard?

The Dover AFB elite Honor Guard stands ready to support military funerals or community events involving presentations of the American flag. To request an Honor Guard appearance at a community event, please contact the Dover AFB Community Relations Office at (302) 677-6575.
 Inclement Weather

What do I do in case of inclement weather?

Reduced Operations Categories 
(1) Emergency employees are those needed at work as scheduled regardless of the operational condition or weather situation. Typically, those are hospital employees, snow removal crews, telephone operators, boiler plant operators, food service workers, fire fighters, and others designated by commanders/division chiefs. It is important that Emergency employees clearly understand they must report for work as scheduled. Dover Air Force Base Emergency Services Identification Cards are issued to Emergency employees to allow them to drive to work even when roads are closed to normal traffic. 

(2) Mission Essential Level 1 (MEL1) personnel provide indispensable services necessary for flight line operations and BCE support services. 

(3) Mission Essential Level 2 (MEL2) personnel provide indispensable services necessary for non flight line operations. 

(4) Mission Essential Level 3 (MEL3) personnel provide services that can be postponed until weather/operational conditions improve or change. 

(5) Personnel in training/school on Dover AFB will normally be considered MEL3 unless recalled to work by their supervisors or training is terminated/suspended. In the latter event, personnel are responsible for contacting their workcenter supervisors. 
For additional information during inclement weather, call (302) 677-BASE or 677-2273. 

Broadcast information 

In case of inclement weather, call 677-BASE (2273) or visit, for the most current information regarding base conditions and operations.  This update my not occur until 5:30 a.m.  The information to call 677-BASE and will also be given to the listed radio and television stations and they will broadcast that Dover Air Force Base has delayed reporting and to contact those numbers. This action is intended to prevent unnecessary travel by employees who are not required to report for work. Updates will be made as conditions change. All personnel have an obligation to keep in contact with their work center supervisor, to listen or watch these broadcasts, and to report for work. Announcements will be released for broadcast by the following stations: 

WAFL 97.7 FM 
WRDX 94.7 FM 
WMDT TV-47, Cable Channel 7 
WBOC TV-16, Cable Channel 2 
WPVI TV-6, Cable Channel 6
 Newcomer's Information

Can I get onto base?

Anyone with a current valid Department of Defense ID card is allowed on base. If you are not DoD ID cardholder, call the Visitor's Center/Pass and Registration at (302) 677-2230.


 Can you give me some information concerning area schools?

School Liaison Office
The School Liaison Office assists military families of school-aged children with questions on public schools and secondary schools in the area. You may reach the office at (302) 677-6930 (DSN 445-6930) or e-mail at The office is located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 263, on the first floor. 

Dover Air Force Base Schools
On-base residents:
Families who reside in the Eagles Heights Housing Annex or the Eagle Meadows Housing Annex will attend the following Caesar Rodney Schools: 

Elementary School: Major George S. Welch Elementary School (KN-5) 
Middle School: Dover Air Force Base Middle School: (6-8) 
High School: Caesar Rodney High School: (9-12) 

 How can I get a phone number for a base agency? 

The base operator is able to give phone numbers for on-base agencies, the operator can be reached at (302) 677-3000. 


 How do I get to Dover Air Force Base? 

Direct address to DAFB
331 Main Gate Way
Dover, DE 19902

General Delivery address for DAFB
General Delivery 442 13th St.
Dover AFB, DE 19902

There are two major airports that are located approximately two hours from Dover AFB. They are Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). 

There are no military shuttles or mass transit that runs from the airport to the base. 

Rental cars are available at the airports. There are several shuttles/taxi services that run from these major airports to the base. 

Directions from Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) 
Take 1-97 South to US Route 50/301 (near Annapolis, MD). Drive east on 50/301 toward the Bay Bridge (a toll bridge -$2.50 for an automobile). After crossing the bridge, continue traveling Route 50/301 east until you reach Queenstown, MD. The highway splits at this point. Go north on 301 until you come to road 300, take a right and go until you reach Road 44, where you turn right again. Stay on 44 until it joins Route 8, and continue to Dover. Keep going east through town until you intersect US Highway 13, and take a right (south). Bear left onto 113 from 13, past the Blue Hen Corporate Center, then bear right onto State Route 113/1 highway. Take Exit 93 to Dover AFB Main Gate exit. 

Directions from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) 
Take I-95 south to Dover. Stay south on either 495 or I-95. Head I-95 South (Baltimore). Take exit 4A off of I-95 south toward Christiana Mall and follow signs for Route 1 south to Dover. On this highway you will have two toll booths for $1.00 each on week days, $2.00 each from 7 p.m. Friday to 11 p.m. Sunday. Take exit 93 for Dover AFB Main Gate. 

From Washington, D.C.
Travel East on highway 50 past Annapolis and across the Bay Bridge until you reach U.S. Highway 301. Go north on 301 until you come to Road 302, take a right and go until you reach Road 454, where you turn right again. Stay on 454; it will turn into Route 8, and bring you into Dover. Keep going east through town until you intersect Highway 13, and take a right (south) turn. Bear to the left on 113 from 13, past the Blue Hen Corporate Center, and within approximately two miles, Dover Air Force Base will be on the left. 

Directions from Wilmington, Del.
Travel south on Route 1 towards Dover/Shore Points. Travel approximately 3 miles past the city of Dover until you reach the base (Exit 93). 

Directions from Baltimore, MD 
Take 1-97 South to Route 50/301 and go east toward the Bay Bridge ($2.50 per automobile). Follow instructions listed above as if driving in from Washington, DC.
 Space Available (Space A) Information

How can I get information on space-available flights at Dover AFB? 

For information on space-available flights at Dover AFB, call (302) 677-4088/ DSN 445-4088 or e-mail For precorded flight information, call 677-2854.

 How do I sign up for a flight? 

Space A requests can be faxed to (302) 677-2953/DSN 445-2953 or e-mail your request to and complete the information requested. 


PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY 10 U.S.C. B013; EO 8397, 22 November 1943. 
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE: To apply for air travel, SSN is needed for positive ID. 
ROUTINE USE(s): Records from this system of records may be disclosed for any of the blanket routine uses published by the air force. 
DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY: Failure to provide the information may result in member not being accepted for travel on military aircraft. Disclosure of SSN is voluntary.
 Speakers Bureau

How can I get a speaker from Dover AFB?

The Dover AFB Speakers Bureau is composed of military and civilian Air Force people who volunteer their time to speak in the community. Most requests for speakers come from area schools and civic organizations. 

Our Speaker’s Bureau can be a valuable resource for your club or organization to learn more about Dover AFB and the people who perform our mission. 

Members of the Dover AFB Speakers Bureau can share their knowledge on a variety of subjects, including: 

- Flying or aviation science and safety 
- Air Force medicine and health professions 
- Law enforcement 
- Working overseas 
- Leadership or management 
- Air Force career or educational opportunities 
- Air Force Academy, ROTC and Officer Training School 
- Communications and computers 
- Meteorology/weather 
- Ethnic heritage and history 
- Women in the Air Force 

To request a speaker (at least 90 days in advance), email Please provide the following information: 

- Name of organization 
- Grade of school class (if appropriate) - Ages 
- Name and telephone number of your point of contact for the speaking engagement 
- Date and time of the event 
- Topics you'd like the speaker to address, along with any other special requirements or requests. 
 Support Our Airmen

How can I support Dover Airmen?

One way to support Airmen at Dover Air Force Base is to make donations or volunteer at the Airman's Attic in Building 439 (next to post office on base). 

The Airman's Attic is open on Mondays from 4 - 6 p.m., and Friday from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

 How can I support the troops? 

There are a number of ways in which you can support the troops -- e-mail greetings, donations to service relief agencies, volunteering in your local community.

Please do not collect candy, cookies, or personal items without prior DoD approval.

Will the Air Force transport donations overseas? 

Contact USAID for assistance in transporting humanitarian donations.