3d Airlift Squadron 75th Anniversary

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. -- Hey, remember when the 3d Airlift Squadron celebrated its 75th Anniversary? Well of course not, because it is happening right now! As you read this, our Royal Family - men and women from past to present - have gathered here at Dover AFB to celebrate 75 years of safe, swift, sure worldwide airlift.

Established in 1942 during World War II, Airmen in the 3d cut their teeth flying the “Hump” across the dangerous Himalaya Mountains in the China-Burma-India Theater. Fast forward 75 years, eight different duty stations, and six different aircraft, today’s 3d Airlift Squadron Airmen add to a legacy …one that is deeply rooted in our squadron’s long history. When I reflect on the past 75 years of the 3d, I think about a heritage of success through airlift and the people that made it happen.

Heritage is a word that can be defined as “our individual possession.” I like that definition because it draws my attention to people – our Airmen. The way I see it, every Royal owns a piece of the 3d’s successes… because every single Airman in the 3d helped achieve them. Transport missions over the Himalayas, peacekeeping operations in Zaire, humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti, airlifting the Vice President throughout the AOR, and countless Presidential support sorties…all successful 3d airlift missions because of dedicated, professional men and women who take pride and ownership in what they do. I can assure you, we aren’t slowing down anytime soon!

To our Royal alumni who have already served, thank you for your service and the proud heritage you entrust with us today. Because of the example you set for us, 3d Airlift Squadron Airmen can truly aspire to achieve our vision to be the premier airlift squadron in the world.

This week I am thrilled to celebrate 75 years of the 3d Airlift Squadron with the men and women who have come before me and those I serve alongside today!

Third…but First!