To lead and serve Airmen

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. -- Rank has its privilege, or does it? I can tell you, besides some of the things that come with rank, the real privilege is the ability to lead and serve Airmen, especially the Airmen across Dover Air Force Base.

The stripes, current job position you currently have, well, they don’t belong to you, yet they belong to the Airmen around you. If you are not putting them on the line each and every day to fight for your Airmen and genuinely sacrifice for their advancement, you should put those stripes in a glass jar and place a label on it that says….these are fragile.

You can do great things for Dover’s Airmen and you can be the person to use rank correctly. Let your stripes and job position do great things, as well as be awesome for the people who depend on you to be the person in these current roles.

Anyone can be put in a position of leadership, but what you do with that position is what matters. A true leader will take care of their people, produce quality results, and develop others to lead as well.