Honorary Commanders 2015

2015 Honorary Commanders


Welcome to Team Dover's Honorary Commander Program!
Congratulations on being selected to represent your community in Dover Air Force Base's Honorary Commander Program. As an inductee, you represent the community and political leaders that make Delaware great. Follow your 2014 Social Media page for real-time updates, information and photos. We will enjoy spending this year with you!

Honorary Commander Program Philosophy
The Honorary Commander Program partners the commanders of Dover AFB with some of Delaware's distinguished community and political leaders. The program encourages an exchange of ideas, experiences and friendships between key leaders of the surrounding communities and Dover AFB. By building and strengthening community relationships, commanders and honorary commanders can positively impact their community.

What to Expect
As an Honorary Commander, you will experience Dover AFB's dynamic mission from all angles. From meeting pilots in the cockpit of a C-5M Super Galaxy or C-17 Globemaster III to touring the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center, Honorary Commanders are treated to the full range of operations conducted at Dover AFB.

Honorary Commander Alumni
Once your tour as an Honorary Commander is complete, you will be invited to continue your participation and support as one of our Honorary Commander Alumni. You can continue fostering the friendly and professional relationships you developed over the course of your year as a Dover Air Force Base Honorary Commander. Follow the Alumni Social Media page for real-time updates, information and photos.


2015 HCC Events

25 February - 0800-1230 Honorary CC 101 / Wing Mission Brief / Wing Staff Agency Tour

18 March - 0800-1530 Mission Support Group Tour

15 April - 0800-1300 Maintenance Group


21 October - 0730-1430 Operations Group Tour

18 November - 0800-1330 Medical Group Tour

*These are the tentative dates and times for the HCC Tours. There is a slight chance the dates and times may change. If this occurs, you will be notified.