Leadership Pathways

Do you advise, supervise, mentor or teach?

Available to all active-duty, reservists, spouses and civilians.

Take classes on physical, mental, social and spiritual topics at Dover AFB, and get ready to help yourself and others.

1-Star-8-10 classes -Squadron Certificate
2-Star-13-15 classes -Group Certificate
3-Star-18-20+ classes -Wing Certificate

*Spouses and civilians: If you do not have access to EIM, please call the class POC listed in the class brochure to register.

"Comprehensive Airman Fitness reflects our commitment to developing a holistic approach to caring for our people that equips, enables and empowers everyone to grow more physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually fit. It's not another program, but rather, a means to enhance mission effectiveness by intentionally investing in one another."

-Gen. Raymond Johns, Air Mobilty Command commander