2019 Thunder Over Dover is on its way

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Christopher Quail
  • 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The roar of jets overhead and the cheer of the crowd below return as aerial acts prepare to fly over Dover Air Force Base.

Team Dover is working diligently in anticipation of the 2019 Thunder Over Dover air show, which will be open to the public from September 14-15 here on base.

“Thunder Over Dover has a little bit of everything for aviation enthusiasts and those that are aviation enthusiasts but just don’t know it yet! Along with aerial performances, we have an assortment of ground displays and shows that can only be seen here at Dover AFB,” said Maj. John Trombetta, 2019 Thunder Over Dover Open House director. “Prepare to be impressed.”

Thunder Over Dover’s theme will be built around “Honoring Our Heritage” and “Forging the Future.” “Honoring Our Heritage” means to celebrate the accomplishments of those before us, referring to the 3,263 veterans who currently reside in the capital of the First State, according to World Population Review. This aspect of the air show’s theme recognizes our predecessors for the legacy of airpower we’ve inherited from them. Looking forward, “Forging the Future” alludes to the modernization of our military through technological advancement and the contributions of the 9,000 military personnel – active duty, reservists and civilians – who serve at Dover Air Force Base today to enable agile airlift capability around the clock and around the globe. “Forging the Future” also speaks to shaping the future of this nation that the Airmen of the past sacrificed so much for.

“Thunder Over Dover will celebrate all eras of the Air Force and directly link those that made the past/present possible with those that are trusted to lead the Air Force on into the future,” Trombetta said. “Military and civilian performers will be providing tours of their aircraft and passing on the historical significance and future plans of their awesome aircraft.”

The opening ceremony will kick off the show on Sept. 14 at 11 a.m. Flying is scheduled for both days, and scheduled performers include the F-22 Raptors Demo Team, Army Special Operations parachute team Black Daggers, a C-17 Globemaster III demonstration team, World War II aircraft and Fighter Jet, Inc.’s MiG-17.

“We are excited to announce our 2019 lineup,” said Maj. Patrick Lasher, 2019 Thunder Over Dover Open House air boss. “We have created a diverse and dynamic show that will have something for everyone to enjoy.”

Parking will be as follows for both Saturday and Sunday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • Visitors traveling from the north need to go into Dover AFB’s North Gate entrance via Exit 97 from Route 10, from which point they will be directed to park on the ramp.
  • Visitors traveling from the south need to go into Dover AFB’s Main Gate entrance via Exit 93 from Route 1, from which point they will be directed to park on the ramp.
  • DoD ID cardholders will be asked to enter the designated AMC Museum gate, accessible via Route 9, from which point they will be directed to park on base near the east end of Atlantic Avenue.
  • Distinguished Visitors are requested to enter via the South/Commercial Gate.

“On this one weekend every two years, the public is invited to … see the small city that makes up Dover Air Force Base. They will be parking in the same spots … our jumbo airlifters park and depart from to execute their missions around the world,” said Trombetta. “We are thrilled to have the public … meet our Airmen … and see a world class airshow!”

For a schedule, lists of performers and static displays, maps and detailed lists of suggested and prohibited items, visit the air show page at