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Active-duty SICK program: What is it?


Active-duty members assigned to primary care managers at the 436th Medical Group can save time and money by using the Self-Initiated Care Kit (SICK) program to access over-the-counter medications for mild symptoms without needing appointments.


Medications that are available through the SICK program include Tylenol, Motrin, Mucinex, Zyrtec and many others (or their generic equivalents) to self-manage minor illnesses. 


TRICARE covers all of the costs of these medications, and they will be provided as needed. Individuals are authorized, at most, three medications per month per patient.


To obtain the OTC medication, individuals simply need to check in at the pharmacy and complete a mini training. Upon completion, a certificate card will be issued to the member, and the individual will fill out a form at the pharmacy and choose the medication they need from those available. The training slides, as well as the medication request form, can be found electronically on the Pharmacy’s EIM page by clicking on the "Pharmacy” tab under “436th Medical Group” or by following the link below: https://eim2.amc.af.mil/org/436mdg/Pharmacy%20Public/Forms/AllItems.aspx.

At this time, patients identified below are not eligible to use the SICK program and must make an appointment with their providers:

  • Dependents and retirees
  • Patients on flying status/controlled status/Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)/Armed Use of Force (AUoF)/any special duty status
  • Patients required to bear firearms to perform routine duties
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Patients who are not enrolled with the 436th MDG


All TRICARE beneficiaries are expected to contact the on-call nurse for non-emergency after-duty medical needs; however, during the duty day, TRICARE recipients who use the 436th MDG as their primary care facility should call the trusted care line at (302) 677-7546 to schedule appointments. If care is needed while traveling, beneficiaries are to call Humana at 1-800-444-5445.

Portions of this article were sourced by www.dyess.af.mil.