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Computer-based reporting system ensures base compliance with Clean Air Act

  • Published
  • By Patricia Keffer
  • 436th Civil Engineer Squadron

Welcome everyone who has recently transferred here from other locations in and around the Air force. At Dover AFB, all employees who drive their privately owned vehicles on base for work 60 days or more a year are required to complete their vehicle registration in the Employee-vehicle Certification and Reporting System.

The Air Force ECARS program ensures the base aligns with the Clean Air Act, section 118(d), which states military personnel and non-contractor civilian federal employees driving their vehicles onto a federal facility for 60 or more days per calendar year must have their vehicle’s emission tested. Vehicles that pass the federal emission test are in compliance with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards.

There are two parts to ECARS, filling out the AF Form 4434 and completing an emissions test if required.

You will receive an auto-generated email telling you to enter all requested vehicle information into the electronic AF Form 4434. Once this information is entered into the system, you will be prompted to sign the form electronically to complete the form. It is advised that you print out a copy of this completed form for your records. If you require an emission test, number 14, item ‘C’ on this form will be checked.  You will receive another auto-generated email reminding you to obtain the emission test from your local government’s vehicle emission testing station within the next 30 days.

If your vehicle requires an emission test, present a copy of the completed AF Form 4434 to the Delaware Department of Transportation Vehicle Inspection Lane and receive a free federal emission test. Once the test is complete and the vehicle passed inspection, you will receive a record of your successful inspection.  Keep this document with your vehicle registration. The emission test results are valid for two years. If you are in the military and you PCS to another stateside base, you can use the unexpired emission test results to register in ECARS at your new base (assuming you still have the same vehicle described on the emission test results document).

Only the federal emission test is free. If you require the additional vehicle safety inspection to renew your vehicle registration in your home state, you will need to pay the $4 fee. Also, if the “check engine” light is on, the vehicle will not pass the emission inspection test.

For those of you who have registered in ECARS previously, you will receive a recertification email when your vehicle requires an update to your registration. At that time, you must complete a new AF Form 4434. 

For more information on ECARS, contact Patricia Keffer, 436th Civil Engineer Squadron air quality compliance manager, at (302) 677-6843.