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Secure messaging allows Team Dover to speak with healthcare team

TRICARE Online Secure Messaging

TRICARE Online Secure Messaging can be used at your convenience to talk with primary care providers. It is accessible by visiting www.TRICAREOnline.com



The colder winter months are a time for celebration. We give thanks in November and celebrate with turkey, stuffing and gravy. December is filled with family time and all of Mariah Carey’s top Christmas hits. Finally, we wrap up the year and celebrate our successes and triumphs. 

However, the colder winter months also bring sickness: you can’t stop sniffling, your sinuses are clogged and dragging yourself out of bed gets harder and harder. After exhausting all home remedies, you pick up the phone to call the 436th Medical Group to make an appointment and hopefully get some medication to cure your bug.

Unfortunately, this is the busy season, and appointments are booked with every sick person in town.  Now, you’re left discouraged, exhausted and still feeling like your fragile body has gotten hit with a bus. 

Did you know that this whole scenario could have been avoided with the use of TRICARE Online Secure Messaging? 

TRICARE Online Secure Messaging provides patients who are eligible to receive care at a medical treatment facility with direct contact to their health care team for advice on minor medical issues, disease management, test results, prescription renewals, appointment requests and other health care matters. 

TRICARE Online Secure Messaging reduces unnecessary appointments, and it can be used at your convenience. It is accessible via any computer with Internet capability. Visit www.TRICAREOnline.com, and click “Log In.” You can then log in with your DS Logon Premium, DoD CAC or DFAS myPay credentials (if you do not have DS Logon credentials, you are given the option to register). Click on the orange “Secure Messaging” icon, and log in or create an account to start communicating with your healthcare team.

Ask your healthcare provider for more information on Secure Messaging, or contact the Patient Administration Office at 302-677-2488 for further assistance.