Friendly reminder for child safety and base supervision guidelines

An age breakdown for child and youth supervision.

An age breakdown for child and youth supervision.


Team Dover families and caregivers are reminded that following established base guidelines will help keep Eagle Wing children safe through the summer months.

Dover Air Force Base Instruction 40-303, Child and Youth Supervision Guidelines, sets structure for what is acceptable for a variety of circumstances in corresponding age groups.

The ages specified are the maximum ages and are based on the child’s ability to demonstrate age appropriate behavior. Children who do not consistently demonstrate age appropriate behavior should not be given the same degree of self-management responsibilities.

These guidelines are mandated by the 436th Airlift Wing commander; therefore, parents are expected to fully comply. Summer months are statistically more prone to child-related accidents because the children are out of school.

In order to help reduce the number of incidents concerning lack of appropriate supervision, it is important for parents to review the guidelines and take appropriate actions to ensure their child’s safety.

Being part of the Air Force team is supporting each other, taking notice and providing each other with friendly reminders of the service guidelines.

Capt. Stephen Grabner is the current Family Advocacy Officer and POC for any concerns. For further information please refer to DAFBI 40-303 or call the Family Advocacy Office at 677-2711.