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Tag: Air Force Core Values
  • On integrity

    The Air Force places integrity first, because it is, without question, the most important of our core values. In its purest form, personal integrity is doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. Integrity serves as our moral compass, the basis for the trust imperative to military service. Without this foundational principle, nothing else we do really matters. Structural integrity is the ability of an item to hold together under a load, including its own weight, without breaking or deforming. A suspension bridge, such as the Delaware Memorial Bridge, includes anchorages, piers, towers and suspenders. Each component of the bridge is critical to its success. It takes all of the parts, acting as a whole, for the bridge to stand. Not only must they work together to maintain its form, but they must also be strong enough to stand up to the weight of their mission.
  • Attitude + Choices + Effort

    As we have stepped into a new year, Dover Airmen continue to do amazing things and make me proud each and every day to work for them. My philosophy has always been to have a positive attitude, make good choices and give a high level of effort, no matter what your profession is, through our Air Force Core Values. I share these with our newest Airmen in each First Term Airmen Course to build a connection between the Airmen and the mission. It is important that we build connections at all levels, since being an Airman is what all of us one percent have in common. What does it mean to be an Airman?