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  • Accelerate change – or lose

    Accelerating the change of the Air Force is only possible if we, as individual Airmen, also accelerate change. We must find the best solutions and best ideas and adopt the best technology has to offer in order to maintain our place as the best Air Force that the world has ever seen. In order to do that, we must continue to offer those who serve the opportunity to become the best they can be through empowerment and encouragement of diversity in thought and decision.
  • The importance of diversity … of experience

    The Air Force continues to drive home the importance of diversity and rightfully so. We all make better decisions by surrounding ourselves with people who don’t look, think and act like we do. We also need to diversify ourselves and get outside of our functionally aligned, operational squadron stovepipes. If diverse teams make better decisions, it should also follow that Airmen with diverse experiences make better decisions and are ultimately better leaders. How can a leader balance the demands of executing the base’s mission and taking care of the Airmen in their unit without the diverse experiences necessary to relate to both?
  • The Big Picture

    EO incidents happen for a reason, and they create opportunities – opportunities for people to learn from one other. The driving force behind many of the complaints that I have had the unfortunate pleasure to process is lack of communication. Communication will allow you to resolve concerns at the lowest level. Effective communication can resolve workplace disputes, personality conflicts and perceptions. The person that seems problematic may need a new challenge that provides him/her with fresh determination. Effective communication will open the door to life-changing dialogue.