Trouble Tix Tricks

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jeanette Spain
  • 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Today's Air Force depends on technology to accomplish its mission. In an effort to streamline and standardize the technological troubleshooting process, the Air Force created a consolidated Air Force network domain, called an Enterprise Service Desk, last year. Now, when a base customer requires computer, audio, or network support, their first step is to contact the ESD.

However, many people may be uninformed about the process through which their trouble tickets are handled, causing unnecessary delays in an already busy system. By informing Team Dover members about the ways turn-around time can be accelerated, they hope to get Team Dover back to work as soon as possible.

An ESD customer support representative will immediately route a trouble ticket to the Client Systems Technician section at the 436th Communications Squadron. Local CST's receive approximately 35-45 remedy tickets per day.

Trouble tickets are placed into three separate categories: high, medium, and low. Turnaround time for high priority tickets is immediate; medium priority is within 24 hours; and low is within 72 hours.

Tips for speeding up service:

- List more than one point of contact for your trouble tickets.

- Know who your Information Assurance Officer is for your squadron or unit - most tickets require a digitally-signed email from an IAO.

- Once a ticket has been created, drop off your equipment to the 436th Communications Squadron right away. When the computer issue is resolved, make sure you reconnect it to the Local Area Network as soon possible. If the computer is not placed back onto the LAN within seven days, it will be removed from the exchange server, and the customer will have to submit a new trouble ticket through the ESD to get it placed back onto the network.

- If the issue presents a work stoppage, inform the ESD to possibly have the priority level increased.

Technology issues are inevitable. By understanding the trouble ticket process and utilizing the tips, members can increase their efficiency while accomplishing the Team Dover mission.