‘Giving Thanks’ Deployed Airmen send holiday messages home

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kevin Wallace
  • 436th AW Public Affairs
Nearly 400 years ago, a small group of Pilgrims seeking freedom from religious persecution and tyranny set sail from England to the New World.

Now, another group of people journeyed to far-away lands and, in a similar spirit of America's founding fathers, are fighting for the freedom of the men, women and children of Iraq and Afghanistan. They also preserve the same freedom by going into harm's way in various other parts of the world.

Since childhood, Americans have heard stories of Pilgrims and of their founding fathers feasting with Native Americans - the story of Thanksgiving.

This year, in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving story, some deployed Team Dover Airmen wrote home to share their own special stories or words of thankfulness to their families, friends and fellow Airmen at home station.

Though the Airmen are deployed to various countries and continents, they have one thing in common - they all have friends, family or co-workers back at Dover, with whom they wish they could spend this Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is what they said: 

To all my family and friends in Baltimore and Dover, and especially my wife, Laura:
"I can't tell you enough how much your support means to me. This will be our first time apart during the holidays and I hope all of you stay strong and know that I'm always thinking of you. Eat turkey, play football and have a few drinks for me. I love you all and I'll see you in a few months! Love, Adam."
- Airman 1st Class Adam Gabriel of the 436th Security Forces Squadron is deployed to 379th ESFS, Southwest Asia

Cynthia, Eddie, Courtney and the CE Family:
"Enjoy the holiday season and stay safe. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. See you in a few months and don't have to much fun pushing the snow. I love and miss you all."
- Master Sgt. Edward Marsch of the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron is deployed to 557ERSH/Besmaya Range complex Iraq

To Mom, Dad, Kate and Team Dover:
"To Mom and Dad, thanks for taking care of my incredible wife and of course my Dixie dog. To Kate, thanks for being so supportive and understanding, I am so proud of you. I love you guys! Thanksgiving with my Iraqi counterparts just won't be the same ... To Dover AFB and especially the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron ... Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your support. Continue to do what you do best. See you next year! -- Go Hokies!"
- 1st Lt. Paul Boriack of the 436th CES is deployed to CMATT HQ Group, Camp Habbaniyah, Iraq

To everybody in Dover:
"Hello from the sandbox. To my friends, Rob, Josh and Katie, party like rockstars on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and then some random night just because you can. I'll see you all in six months. Go Cowboys! Ooh-rah!"
- Senior Airman James Bolinger of the 436th Airlift Wing staff is deployed to CJTF 82nd Airborne, Bagram AB Afghanistan

To all the Dover AFB community:
"I'd like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope all deployed loved ones are in their thoughts and prayers. I'm thankful to the 3rd Airlift Squadron for all their help while I'm deployed and it is because of their confidence in me that my deployment will be a success."
- Master Sgt. Karl Eckberg of the 3rd Airlift Squadron is deployed to 8th Wing, Trenton CFB, Ontario Canada

To everybody in Dover:
"I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful wife, Becky, and my two boys, Gavin and Zade. I will miss your fine cooking and I promise not to eat an MRE this year. I miss and love you three very, very much and can't wait get back home to you. To my home unit, the 436th SFS - Staff Sgt. (Michael) McCabe and I are doing fine and need beef jerky, ha-ha! Have a Happy Thanksgiving."
- Tech. Sgt. Brian Pederson of the 436th SFS is deployed to 332nd ESFS, Balad AB, Iraq

My dearest Julie, Kelsey and Brighton:
"Thank you for being strong during my time away from home. I think about you every day. Knowing that you are all taking care of one another lets me concentrate on my job. To my lovely wife Julie: thank you for taking care of all the little things that make a household run smoothly. To my daughters: please continue to help Mom and do well in your studies. This will be my first holiday season away from you. I've been very fortunate to have had many Thanksgivings & Christmas times with you. Just think of those times while I am gone and continue to pray for me and all military members who are away from home. I look forward to seeing you for my mid-tour. Until then, I will be thinking of the day we reunite. All My Love, Dad."
- Master Sgt. Edward Reyes of the 436th Logistic Readiness Squadron is deployed to 870th AEAS, Kirkuk AB, Iraq

To my fellow friends and co-workers:
"As you celebrate this joyous holiday season, please take a few moments to remember those who are deployed away from their loved ones; defending the freedoms and life styles we (as Americans) enjoy on a daily basis. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!"
- Tech. Sgt. Douglas Waithe of the 436th Comptroller Squadron is deployed to 8th EAMS, Southwest Asia