Labor Day: Historically dangerous time for DAFB

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Kevin Wallace
  • 436th AW Public Affairs
Team Dover celebrates an Air Mobility Command's family day today and begins a four-day weekend to celebrate Labor Day.

The extended weekend also marks the end of this year's '101 Critical Days of Summer' safety campaign here.

"Since Memorial Day, 11 Dover Team members have received injuries serious enough to cause them to lose time away from work," said Lorie Bellamy, 436th Airlift Wing safety officer. "Unfortunately, one Team Dover members was fatally injured (this year) in a car roll-over mishap while on leave."

Since a large number of accidents historically occur Labor Day weekend, the 436th AW safety office reminds Airmen to keep safety in mind while traveling or participating in any activity this weekend.

"The roadways will be crowded so you must drive defensively and travel at safe speeds within the (established speed) limits," said Ms. Bellamy. "Remember that fatigue and driving is a lethal combination. Be properly rested before beginning your trip. Seat belts are your best defense for limiting or preventing injuries in the event of an accident. Wear your seat belts properly and remember to safely buckle up your children and secure them in the proper child restraints if required. If you operate a motorcycle, training, risk management, and wearing the proper personal protective equipment are critical to ensure your safety."

As always, the safety office stresses that Airmen do not make a poor choice by driving after consuming alcohol. There are numerous alternatives.

"Use a designated driver, call the Airmen Against Drunk Driving, give your car keys to a sober driver or call a friend for a ride," said Ms. Bellamy, citing drinking and driving alternatives. "The consequences could be deadly if you make the wrong choice. Also, remember that alcohol use can be lethal if combined with events such as boating and swimming."

As the 101 Critical Days of Summer comes to an end, Airmen must remember to pace themselves, she said. This is especially important during this long holiday weekend.
"Many will try to squeeze too many activities into the last holiday weekend of the summer," she continued. "This may place more people in risky situations. Historically, fatalities increase toward the end of the summer campaign. Whether driving, participating in sports, or catching the last rays of summer sun, our thought processes must include risk management and thinking about what is being done and the consequences."

As the safety and well being of each Dover Team member is vitally important, the wing safety office reminds everyone to "please keep safety in the forefront so another valuable Dover Team member is not lost in a senseless mishap."