A Face of Team Dover: Vol. 1, No. 3

  • Published
  • By Roland Balik
  • 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Highlighting the numerous Airmen that serve at Dover Air Force Base, "A Face of Team Dover" will introduce you to the individuals that make Team Dover "Deliver Excellence."

Rank and Name: 1st Lt. Molly Frank

3rd Airlift Squadron

Duty Title:
C-17 Globemaster III pilot and 3 AS executive officer

Time in the Air Force:
Three and a half years

Time at Dover AFB:
 One and a half years

Phoenix, Ariz.

"There are many reasons why I joined the Air Force. One that really was the deciding factor was my husband, Gary Frank. He was prior enlisted and I followed him as a military spouse for 11 years and during that time we were stationed at some remarkable places.

One of those places was Hill Air Force Base, Utah and it was at this assignment, the opportunity for me to join the Air Force came up while I was attending college. I felt it would be a great chance for me to serve my country and chase my dreams that unfortunately so many others are not able to do and in a way, I wanted to represent them as well.

Another reason why I joined was because of my son, Sam. I came from humble beginnings and really did not have much growing up. It was because of my background, I wanted to ensure that my child was well cared for and offered the numerous opportunities I knew serving in the military could provide. Additionally, I thought joining the Air Force would reinforce to him the importance to serve our country as well as the importance to have good work ethic.

Being an Air Force pilot, I have experienced many memorable moments. I see every day the Air Force mission being accomplished and I realize that that is what the Air Force is all about. What I do every day is what the Air Force is known for and that makes it memorable.

I have been on some pretty cool missions that really reinforce the awesomeness of my job. Not only are the missions fantastic, but I have had the privilege to work alongside some amazing individuals both officer and enlisted.

It's these incredible people that have made coming to work every day enjoyable. I am very grateful for the experiences and opportunities that the Air Force has given me thus far in my career and I am looking forward to many more years of service as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force."