• Team Dover’s helping agencies are here to help you

    We’re entering a unique time of the year. Several holidays and multiple traditional observances can be a time of great happiness, tremendous stress or anything in between. Dover Air Force Base has several helping agencies designed to assist Airmen and their families through stressful times, medical

  • New annual Mental Health Assessment requirement begins July 31

    Starting July 31, 2017, Airmen undergoing their annual Periodic Health Assessment may notice something new. A Mental Health Assessment will now be part of every annual PHA, to help ensure that Airmen suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues are referred to the necessary care. Mental health

  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness: Mental stability

    For a machine to function properly, the screws must be set, balance maintained and gaskets must be in good repair. Maybe that’s why mental instability is often characterized as having a loose screw, being out of balance or blowing a gasket.