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  • Hurricane preparedness: What to know as the 2021 season begins

    There have been four recorded Category 5 hurricanes that have made landfall in the United States:Labor Day Hurricane – 1935Hurricane Camille – 1969Hurricane Andrew – 1992Hurricane Michael – 2018Luckily for Delaware, it is somewhat rare for tropical storms to strike the state directly with hurricane-force winds. Only two storms since 1851 have
  • DORMAR tests base readiness, builds partnerships

    Team Dover held exercise Dover Operational Readiness for a Multi-domain Agile Response, Nov. 12-15, 2019.The exercise tested the base’s readiness across a large spectrum, with scenarios including power outages, multiple active shooter incidents, increased force protection measures, large-scale deployment of both Air Force and Army assets and
  • Block party reminds Team Dover about emergency preparedness

    More than 150 members of Team Dover braved the rainy, gloomy weather to attend the annual Emergency Management Block Party on Sept. 1, 2016, in base housing on Dover AFB, Delaware.