Dover AFB Public Affairs Studio Scheduling

Dover AFB Public Affairs Studio

201 Eagle Way, Dover AFB, DE (Building 201) 


Studio Photography

Official Portrait Hours: Thursdays 0900-1130 and 1300-1500

Official head & shoulders and full-length portraits are done by appointment only and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Walk-in service for official studio photography is not permitted.

Official portraits are only available as required by official guidance:

This service is provided for military and DoD civilian personnel requiring a photo for chain of command, annual or quarterly awards (Group-level and above), and special award packages. Photographic product requirement information from message and/or requester must be known prior to appointment.

Exceptions to official guidance, appointments outside the scheduled portrait day, or same day appointments must be reviewed and approved by the Chief of Command Information, PA Superintendent, or the PA Chief.

*If an individual requires a Passport, Visa, Head & Shoulders, or Full-Length photo outside of the posted times, a letter from their squadron commander must be accomplished stating the required photo is "mission essential" and must be accomplished immediately. The Photo Lab will schedule the individual in the earliest appointment slot available.

Please arrive on time to your studio appointment with all the necessary uniform items and have ribbons, devices, insignia, etc. properly placed on your uniform before you arrive.

We have a dressing room for your convenience.

We reserve the right to turn away personnel whose uniform does not meet standards.

Utilize the link below to schedule your studio appointment. In the comments section of your booking please clarify the reason for the official photo that falls under the official guidance. Additionally, please let us know what your branch is if it is not Air Force.

Schedule Appointment Here

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email or call (302) 677-3372. 

Passport & Visa Photos

Walk-ins Mon-Fri 0900-1530

*Photos are for official military travel ONLY.

This service is provided for military and DoD civilian personnel traveling on government orders requiring a "no-fee" government passport. Dependents requiring a "no-fee" passport for PCS orders are authorized to use the Photo Lab for passport photos.

Males will wear a civilian-style collared shirt or business attire and females will wear a conservative blouse or business attire. No tank-tops or t-shirts are permitted. Children may wear attire without a collar. Attire white in color is not permitted due to the white background. The Photo Lab has a small selection of donated attire for use; if you don't like our selection, please bring your own.