436th AW Inspector General

The Inspector General office provides assistance to military personnel of all services, their dependents, civilians, retirees and the local community in processing complaints and in administering the Department of Defense's Fraud, Waste and Abuse program. Their prime emphasis is to ensure any complaint is investigated fairly, using all the facts, policies and guidance available and achieves timely, logical results. The IG system is best used after "the system" or chain of command was unresponsive or unable to satisfactorily address the concern or process causing the complaint. IG confidentiality ensures the complainant's right to complain without fear or reprisal.

Inspector General Roles

The role of the wing-level Inspector General is to:

- Remain alert for matters that are indicative of systemic, morale or other problems that impede efficiency and mission effectiveness, and inform the commander about such instances.

- Inform the commander of potential areas of concern as reflected by trends based on analysis of complaint data.

- Function as the ombudsman, fact-finder and honest broker in the resolution of complaints.

- Educate and train commanders and members of the base populace on their rights and responsibilities in relation to the Air Force Inspector General system.

- Provide periodic education/training to new commanders and other installation leadership regarding reporting requirements for: reprisal, restriction, allegations against senior officials, etc.

- Assist commanders in preventing, detecting and correcting fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.

Complaints Resolution

The Air Force Inspector General Complaints Resolution Program is a leadership tool to:

- Indicate where commander involvement is needed to correct systemic, programmatic or procedural weaknesses and ensures resources are used effectively and efficiently.

- Promptly and objectively resolve problems affecting the Air Force mission.

- Create an atmosphere of trust so issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or fear of reprisal.

- Assist commanders in instilling confidence in Air Force leadership.