436th Aerial Port Squadron

The 436th Aerial Port Squadron is known throughout Air Mobility Command as the "Super Port," where providing transportation service to destinations worldwide is business as usual. The Super Port continually demonstrates capabilities in all facets of cargo and passenger movement. The Super Port has always been at the forefront of major operations, including the current Global War on Terror. The Super Port has the continued responsibility for the process and movement of freight to support United Nations peacekeeping efforts worldwide.

The 436th APS's primary mission is to provide airlift support for the movement of cargo, mail and passengers to support the operations directed by the President of the United States, the Department of Defense or the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as providing airlift support of worldwide humanitarian efforts, exercises, contingencies and emergencies.

Together, we can make it happen. We, in Customer Service, are committed to building an association that serves all services, government agencies, vendors and contractors to
become involved in the process. Together, we can share in the accomplishment of building new relationships and shipping cargo around the world.

We pride ourselves in being accessible when you need help, along with an outreach to promote Department of Defense procedures, and a network to increase power and productivity.

We hope you enjoyed your stay at Dover Customer Service and that we made your movement easier and smoother.

If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via Email or through our mailing address:

436 APS/Customer Service Branch
ATTN: Customer Service
550 Atlantic Street, Room L120
Dover AFB DE 19902

Hours of Operation

Track and Trace/Hazardous/AA&E Frustrated Cargo

 Phone: (302) 677 - 4262/ 4264/ 4265/4272/4273

 DSN: 445 - 4262/ 4264/ 4265/4272/4273

 Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


General Frustrated Cargo Area

 Phone: (302) 677 - 4266/ 4267

 DSN: 445 - 4266/ 4267

 Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Contact Us


Commercial: (302) 677-4262/ 4264/ 4265
DSN: 445-4262/ 4264/ 4265
Fax: (302) 677-2910 or DSN 445-2910

Phone Numbers

Air Clearance Authority at Dover AFB
Army: (302) 677-4269 or DSN 445-4269
Marine: (302) 677-6276 or DSN 445-6276
Navy: Comm: (302) 677-6821
DSN: 445-6281

Army ACA - Redstone Arsenal, Al.
Comm: (256) 955-9764, 955-9766 or 955-9767
DSN: 645-9764, 645-9765, 645-9766 or 645-9767
Fax: (256) 955-0097 or DSN 645-0097

Navy ACA - Norfolk, Va.
Comm: (757) 443-5434
DSN: 564-5434
Fax: (757) 443-5438

Air Force ACA - Scott AFB, IL
Comm: (618) 256-1773 or 4749
DSN: 576-1773 or 4749

Marine ACA - Barstow, Calif.
Comm: (760) 577-7875 or (760) 577-7660
DSN: 282-7875 or 282-7643
Fax: (619) 577-7643 or DSN 282-7643