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  • From me to you, thank you

    Greetings teammates. My family and I can hardly believe two years have gone by since our arrival to Dover. We have truly been blessed to be part of Team Dover, and our local community. It is with heavy hearts for us to say goodbye to each of you.
  • Can an Airman Know the Air Force?

    Philosophy professors sometimes ask their students if it’s possible for a fish to know or understand water. Many students are dumbfounded by such a question. “Of course it can,” they think. “The fish spends its entire life swimming in water. How could it possibly not know about water?”
  • Getting to know your Airmen

    “Airpower…because without it—you lose,” Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark A. Welsh III stated in his retirement address. Airpower is not a cyber electron, missile, satellite, space vehicle or aircraft, it is an Airman and every Airman has a story. The Air Force family is made-up of Airmen with diverse backgrounds, focused on how to fly, fight and win. Airmen’s diversity is our strength and to employ this strength as Airmen we must know their story.