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  • FCC program provides options for Team Dover children

    In order to complete the mission at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, the Airmen must maintain focus while on the job. One way to ensure this is to alleviate stress caused by family needs, such as child care. With the Child Development Center and Youth Center constantly in high demand, the 436th Force Support Squadron provides additional child care options available through the Family Child Care program.
  • Expanded child care options provide relief for parents

    Life in the military provides unique challenges for parents compared to their civilian counterparts as at times, families are separated for extended periods.
  • All female team leads the 436th Contracting Squadron with passion

    Women's History Month serves as a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women to culture and society. Examples of strong female leaders can be found at military bases across the globe. Rarely, however is an entirely female team leading a unit. But that is the unique case for the 436th Contracting Squadron at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.
  • Collaboration builds comradery: Total Force, community firefighters train at Dover

    Flames erupt from a crashed plane. The smell of fuel fills the air. Everyone flees the scene while firefighters run towards it. At Dover Air Force Base, 436th Airlift Wing firefighters train with live fires and practice with equipment to prepare for this moment.
  • 18th Air Force command chief reflects on experience, prepares for next assignment

    “My job [as command chief] is to provide the commander another viewpoint on a wide array of issues for him to consider as we go to the next level to advocate for things the Airmen in each of our 12 wings require,” said Chief Master Sgt. Chris Simpson, 18th Air Force command chief. “Everything from operational impacts and how our different career fields are manned, to diversity and inclusion and COVID response, every aspect of issues that affect our Airmen’s lives.” Simpson recently toured Dover Air Force Base with Maj. Gen. Thad Bibb, 18th Air Force commander, to see how Dover Airmen contribute to the 18th Air Force mission of warfighter readiness and sustainment, especially in the time of COVID-19.
  • Award-winning AMC Museum adapts to COVID-19

    The Air Mobility Command Museum, dedicated to airlift and air refueling history, has been operating under partial reopening guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic as museum personnel continue daily operations on a reduced scale after Health Protection Condition Bravo and Phase I restrictions were lifted.
  • Everybody deserves acceptance

    Chief Master Sgt. Jeremiah Grisham, 436th Mission Support Group superintendent, knew as a young Airman that he wanted to be a chief one day in his Air Force career.Having family members who served in the military, the armed forces offered him an opportunity to live on his own and learn valuable skills.A native of Lakewood, Colorado, Grisham could
  • Are You Okay?

    It’s 2010 and Airman 1st Class Leonard James’ phone vibrates silently in his pocket; he quickly reaches down and sends the call to voicemail. “I was in class and we weren’t supposed to have our phones,” the now staff sergeant recalls. James was at Port Hueneme Naval Base, California, a technical training base for Airmen selected for vehicle maintenance career paths. The Air Force wasn’t what James planned for himself, but his high school sweetheart and fiancé, Mesha, was pregnant with their first child, McKenzie Harmony James, and he felt the Air Force would help him support his growing family.
  • CBD oil off limits for service members

    Water, tea, coffee, chocolates, gummies, oils, honey, and vaping oils are just some of the seemingly innocent products that could ruin a service member’s career.These products are being seen more on the market since CBD oil use has become more widespread across America.The Department of Defense has a zero tolerance policy for the illegal or
  • 2019 Year in Review

    As I work with the movers to pack my house, it has given me time to reflect on my Dover experience. I can honestly say this assignment has been the highlight of my career, and my family and I will greatly miss Dover. A large part of that is due to the community which surrounded us over the past year and a half. That community is as small and