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  • Couriers control critical cargo

    When the military requires a delivery of goods too important to entrust to the local post office, it relies on U.S. Transportation Command's Defense Courier Division. These soldiers, sailors, and Airmen ensure the safe delivery of highly-classified items across the globe.Two such couriers are Army

  • All bark and all bite

    The military working dogs of the 436th Security Forces Squadron protect lives by sniffing out drugs and explosives, both domestically and abroad.

  • Volunteers sought to lead spiritual services

    In an effort to support the spiritual diversity of its members, the Air Force relies on military chaplains to either directly support or accommodate spiritual services and requirements. For services that chaplains cannot directly support, volunteers are encouraged to apply to lead spiritual services

  • Special duty edition: recruiters

    In order to accomplish its mission requirements, the Air Force utilizes service members in specialized positions to perform a specific duty. These special duty assignments allow Airmen to step outside their standard roles and experience a different side of the Air Force. One of these duties is a

  • AMTs build dynamic leaders of character

    Each year, approximately 1,200 future Air Force leaders begin what may be the most challenging experience of their lives - the U.S. Air Force Academy. For the next four years, these cadets will endure Basic Cadet Training and rigorous academic and military studies while maintaining peak physical

  • Special duty special edition: MTIs

    In order to fill its myriad mission requirements, the Air Force employs service members in specialized positions to perform a specific duty. These special duties allow Airmen to step outside their conventional role and experience a completely new side of the Air Force. One such position is the

  • Daring duo defends Dover AFB

    When birds are at their peak and flying along their migration routes is typically when Melody Henderson, Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard ecologist and wildlife manager at Dover Air Force Base, Del., and her rescued border collie, Kilo, are at their busiest. Their job is to move birds and small