Warrior Fitness: Forging elite fitness

  • Published
  • By Roland Balik
  • 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
In January 2018, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated, “Our first line of effort emphasizes that everything we do must contribute to the lethality of our military.”

One noncommissioned officer believes Mattis’ statement includes being fit to fight.

Tech. Sgt. William “Bradley” Martineau, 436th Aerial Port Squadron special handling supervisor, is the lead volunteer Warrior Fitness class instructor at the base’s Fitness Center.

“Fitness is important to people, period, without regard to a specific fitness regimen; it is important to life and longevity,” said Martineau. “What makes an addition of importance to Airmen is our military readiness, our obligation to be called up in the nature of national defense.”

Martineau holds a CrossFit Level One trainer’s certification. He has completed the judge’s certification course every year since 2013 and has taken classes in scaling, lesson planning, running and fitness-based anatomy and physiology to help Airmen achieve their fitness goals.

“It gives me an opportunity to share some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. It allows me to help someone, who is working to become better, be better. What I can share may not be for everyone, and that is ok. But at the end of the day … At least, I was able to offer the information,” said Martineau.

Martineau’s commitment to Warrior Fitness and helping others is evident.

“During a tour in Afghanistan, [my friend’s] vehicle was struck by an IED, resulting in extensive leg damage ... He struggled with mobility after this for years but wanted to desperately get back to being able to perform normal again,” said Martineau. “My friend who owned the gym where I coached at and few others of us worked with the Airman to hopefully use this fitness idea to help him regain the mobility he desired. Over the next several months of difficult progress, he had gotten to the point of being able to run a mile and even completed an eight-mile ruck march in preparation for an upcoming Bataan Memorial Death March.”

Assisting Martineau during classes is John Walters Jr., son of John Walters, 436th Force Support Squadron fitness manager.

“Warrior Fitness consists of consistency, variance, intensity and functionality as we aim for … certain targets for each individual,” said Walters. “Every workout we do function limits, such as picking up things off the ground to pressing any object over our head.”

Since 2010, Master Sgt. Betsy Bonilla, 436th Airlift Wing 3F5 base functional manager, has participated in CrossFit programs offered at her numerous duty assignments, including Dover.

“I like the way it [Warrior Fitness] makes me feel, inside and out, and the discipline,” said Bonilla. “You have to maintain your proper posture and form in order to get great results and not hurt yourself.”

Bonus benefits of attending the base’s Warrior Fitness classes are convenience, comradery and cost.

“I like how easy it is to do it here on base,” said Bonilla. “I have a bunch of my coworkers there, and CrossFit usually turns into a family; that is what my experiences have been.”

Presently, the one-hour Warrior Fitness classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. under the pavilion next to the Fitness Center.

“I just want to help facilitate [Warrior Fitness] for our Airmen here, and I believe that the functional fitness programming offered from it will ultimately be the best for our Airmen,” said Martineau.

Warrior Fitness is free to all with base and Fitness Center access. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, call the Fitness Center at 677-3962.