The video age arrives at Team Dover

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jared Duhon
  • 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
A picture is worth a thousand words, so what is five minutes of video worth?

Forms of communication in news organizations have been changing exponentially since the development and integration of both multimedia and social media. The 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office now has a new way to communicate.

Videographers, or combat correspondents as they are now called, create connections with viewers by using visual and audio story telling techniques to report Team Dover's story as it 'Delivers' the Air Force's missions successfully.

"Images are just a snapshot in time," said Capt. Tony Richardson, 436th AW PA public affairs officer. "With video, we can now show you what it is being described to the public to your mom and dad, to friends and family or just an outsider who is just curious what it's like to be an aerial porter or whatever mission it is that you support. They are able to see that and it feels a whole lot closer to being there and helps connect them to the Airmen."
Connecting viewers to Airmen with video is the job of Tech Sgt. Dale Gosney, 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs NCO in charge video operations.

"Every Airman, no matter rank or job, has a story to tell," said Gosney. "With the growth of social media, you can post a one minute video story that captures the importance of the job and helps connect viewers in a way words and photos cannot do as easily."

Gosney is a part of the public affairs team that maintains the Dover AFB's website, Facebook, Twitter and brand new YouTube page. (Links below)

"We have been producing photos and writings stories for a while, but at two-thirds capability," said Richardson. "Having video gives us full capability to do what we do best; tell how what you do matters and how Team Dover 'Delivers' the mission."

Before Richardson became a PAO, he was an enlisted member working in aircraft maintenance for nine and half years.

"The one thing I found was no matter where it was that somebody worked, they liked to know that what they did mattered," said Richardson. "Having PA on a base and having them show up and wanting to share the story of what they do with a much larger community is appreciated, because it shows what they do is important."

Excitement for the videographers and their mission was not limited to the PA shop.

Mike Leister, Air Mobility Command museum director, said the videographers will be able to better highlight what is happening at Dover.

"I am happy we have videographers now," said Leister. "They came out to look at different possible story ideas and were very receptive to some of our suggestions."

Leister noted the professionalism, openness to cooperate and knowledge possessed by the videographers, as well as the need for video in today's world.

"YouTube is where the world goes for information," said Leister. "The product the videographers put out helps the Air Force reach out to both external and internal customers. Everyone today expects video as a method for communication."

Due to the limited time and manpower, videographer requests are not allowed for promotion ceremonies or parties, change of commands (unless O-6 or above), fini flights, unless there is historical value deemed by the PAO, as well as squadron parties or burger burns, etc.

"We do shoot news stories on units or Airmen accomplishing the mission," said Gosney. "Historical events such as the AMC museum receiving the C-5A Galaxy, POW/MIA run or the 9-11 memorial dedication are valid requests. Any units wanting to have a story done on what they do for the mission; feel free to call us with their ideas, or if you would like to highlight an individual Airman who stands out for the job they do."

Gosney also said he want to capture the scene as a fly on the wall.

"We are here to capture the moment and importance of the work at hand, so just pretend we are not in the area," said Gosney. "But, if any one sees and you have any questions ask, by all means ask."

The 436th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
AF Form 833 is the official request form used for request.