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  • Will you deliver your “message to Garcia”?

    As you know, we have three basic core values, all of which are equally important. I’d like to take a moment to discuss a short essay regarding those values, especially as it pertains to commitment and, more importantly, selfless service.
  • Beyond the buzz(word)

    Have you ever heard someone say something over and over until it loses its meaning? Instead of embracing its true meaning, you get hung up on the buzzword. In fact, names for meaningful concepts can often become cliché. Eye-rolling sighs follow. “Oh, here we go again ... ” Understandably, it’s not the ADLS, Green DOT – you name it – that makes us excited to do the business that we do so well. Over the last few years, there have been a few new buzzwords that have infiltrated our military lingo. Although not a new concept, we have embraced “resilience” in our Air Force; however, if you are hanging out on the flight line, the mention of resilience training would more than likely prompt an eye roll. “Resilience” has become a buzzword - but the meaning behind it is so important! It is more than just a Wingman Day or a Comprehensive Airman Fitness program. It is more than just a block in First Term Airmen’s or a Professional Development Course. As Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright explains, without Airmen who can recover from difficulties, who are able to work through difficult times, we would not be the world’s best Air Force.
  • Dover legend remembered

    You do not have to look far to find African Americans who are engrained in Dover Air Force Base’s history. Many of us drive by the mortuary daily but don’t know the story of Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations. The facility was originally named in honor of Charles C. Carson, not only because of his contributions to the Air Force but because he was one of us - a member of Team Dover.
  • Winter Safety Tips

    Snow has arrived here at Dover Air Force Base. Dover Fire and Emergency Services Flight would like to remind facility managers to keep the sidewalks and doorways free of ice and snow during the season. This will allow for safe evacuation of your personnel in case of a fire. Any buildup of ice and snow can delay our response to an emergency in your facility, and no one wants to slip and slide while getting away from a fire. Fire hydrants near your facility also need to be cleared of snow by at least three feet in circumference.
  • Every Airman Matters

    Have you ever paused your busy day to watch a C-17 Globemaster III or C-5M Super Galaxy loudly roll down the runway and safely takeoff into the blue skies of Dover? Every time I watch an 840,000 pound C-5 lift off the ground, I consider it a small miracle. While it is impressive that aerospace engineers designed this huge aircraft back in the 1950's to carry tons of cargo thousands of miles, that’s not quite the miracle I’m talking about. Rather, I like to ponder the Team Dover professionals who worked tirelessly to enable that single takeoff.
  • Secure messaging allows Team Dover to speak with healthcare team

    The colder winter months are a time for celebration. We give thanks in November and celebrate with turkey, stuffing and gravy. December is filled with family time and all of Mariah Carey’s top Christmas hits. Finally, we wrap up the year and celebrate our successes and triumphs. However, the colder winter months also bring sickness: you can’t stop sniffling, your sinuses are clogged and dragging yourself out of bed gets harder and harder. After exhausting all home remedies, you pick up the phone to call the 436th Medical Group to make an appointment and hopefully get some medication to cure your bug.
  • Embracing failure

    Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Failure can be painful at the time, but if you are able to acquire the best resources to help you through it, you may find that failure – and your reaction to it – may teach you some of the greatest lessons.
  • Reflect on your service over this holiday season

    The 436th Mission Support Group command team traveled to New York City for a professional development day at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum on Dec. 6.
  • A Story of Courage

    In 2006, I was a young emergency medicine doc staffing the ER in Balad, Iraq. There was a break in the action, and about when I sat down to read the paper, my patient got blown up. He was on patrol, riding in a Humvee when an improvised explosive device detonated nearby, peppering his vehicle with supersonic metal. Most of this shower of shrapnel
  • The Rhythm of the Winter Blues

    Not to be confused with the famous blues rhythms of New Orleans, Chicago, and New York, the “winter blues” also known as seasonal affective disorder is a serious medical condition that will, on average, affect over 18 million Americans every year, according to Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical School.