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  • Dover Airman volunteers with SERE specialists

    Over the past two months, I’ve had a somewhat unorthodox volunteer experience with the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialists. I’ve been hoisted up into a helicopter from the ocean, pulled around on the back of a jet ski, and I’ve even driven around on an all-terrain vehicle dressed like an adversary.
  • Good things happen when MVPs align

    Have you ever wondered, “Why are we doing this?” “What does this have to do with the big picture or overall goal?” “Why is this important?”
  • OPSEC and you

    The desired effect of OPSEC is to influence the adversary’s behavior and actions by protecting friendly operations and activities. You have probably been practicing Operations Security (OPSEC) in your personal life without even knowing it.
  • The Quest for Innovation Continues

    In the quest for innovation and the ability to meet increasing requirements with decreasing resources, game-changing technologies and paradigm-shifting discoveries are relatively few and expensive to incorporate. However, constant marginal adjustments and increased mastery within our spheres of influence can produce groundbreaking results in the long run.
  • AF history gives life to "Eve of Tomorrow"

    This month we will celebrate the Air Force’s 71st birthday. As we prepare for celebrating this milestone at Dover’s Air Force Ball, event organizers have themed the ball as “Eve of Tomorrow.” This idea spawns from a positive desire to get Airmen excited about looking forward, placing emphasis on innovation and technology. Although I am as excited as the next about looking forward, I would urge all Airmen if you want to look forward, first take the time to look back. History has many lessons, experiences and tales which provide insight for the Eve of Tomorrow.
  • Routine eye exam, rare diagnosis

    I recently made an appointment with the optometrist on base. It was my first eye exam in more than 10 years, and it couldn’t have been better timing.
  • Exciting Times to be an Airman

    Reflecting back on the last decade of the Air Force, just like everything in life, there have been a few highs and lows. However, I believe this is a very exciting time to serve in the United States Air Force. We are focusing on re-growing the force, developing our Airmen, and transforming our service; and the exciting part is that each and every
  • First Impressions of Dover

    You only get one opportunity to make a first impression and Dover has hit it out of the ballpark! My family and I have been extremely impressed with our first few weeks at Dover. The mission of the 436th Airlift Wing is to “deliver excellence,” which I assumed directly related to the amazing mission of our outstanding maintenance and operations
  • Behind the badge: a behind-the-scenes view of Security Forces

    I headed out for Dover AFB at 4:15 a.m. Sunday, May 13, 2018, to spend the day with members of the 436th Security Forces Squadron in the hopes of gaining a better appreciation for what they do each day to safeguard the installation. As I drove along the empty streets in the dark, predawn hours, I really wondered why I volunteered to join the Airmen for their 13-hour shift. I wasn’t even really sure what I’d be doing, but I just had a feeling it’d be a lazy Sunday
  • Dover is a special place

    “Dover is a special place.”This was the phrase most spoken two years ago as our family prepared to join Dover Air Force Base. It didn’t take long to understand the true meaning. Nestled in rural Delaware alongside the capitol city of Dover and its quaint downtown area—the seat of our great nation’s founding—amidst several metropolitan areas, scenic