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  • Effort + Attitude + Choices = Exceptional Dover Airmen

    The month of July has been a whirlwind, as I have quickly become immersed in Dover Air Force Base’s mission. Every single Airman (Officer, Enlisted, and Civilian) who works at Dover plays a key role in providing and sustaining airlift and aerial refueling across the armed forces in various capacities. I am completely impressed and in awe of how our
  • Relationships matter

    Establishing real and lasting relationships is the key to mission success. The relationships you create here at Dover are crucial, and the bonds you build, both on- and off-base, move the rapid global mobility mission forward – every single day.
  • "West-Dover"

    The next time you look up and see a C-5 flying overhead, know that there are great Airmen – not only at Dover but at “West-Dover” – helping to get it up there.
  • A balancing act

    As we approach the end of our assignment at Dover Air Force Base, our family is overwhelmed with gratitude for the Dover community. When we were assigned to this base, we knew Carlos’ role as a squadron commander was going to be very demanding, and we anticipated the difficulties of juggling his duties with the needs of school-aged children and a professional working spouse. In order to succeed, we had to balance the following priorities: the Air Force’s mission, the needs of squadron personnel, Jen’s career and, most importantly, the values of our family with a focus on our faith. So for any of our fellow Airmen striving to balance military and family life, we’d like to share some of our experiences and express how much we’ve enjoyed being a part of the Dover community, both on- and off-base.
  • How heavy is your backpack?

    During my time at Dover Air Force Base, I’ve seen several squadrons conduct “Ruck Marches” in remembrance of fallen service members. These events allow Airmen to voluntarily put themselves in physically uncomfortable conditions to honor the ultimate sacrifice of others. Despite being challenged with marching long distances with a heavy backpack,
  • Friendly reminder for child safety and base supervision guidelines

    Team Dover families and caregivers are reminded that following established base guidelines will help keep Eagle Wing children safe through the summer months.
  • Plan ahead, and safely conquer summer!

    The summer season has officially kicked off … barbecues, beach trips, and permanent gridlock from Annapolis to Dewey Beach. As we tackle our weekends, we are warned of the imminent dangers that summer poses. We’ve read, watched and listened to lectures on how to be safe during these critical days. To be honest, summer safety is no different than being safe throughout the year … It often comes down to preparation. One of the safest things we can do is to not barbecue or travel to the beach, opting to stay inside and watch reruns of Game of Thrones or Dr. Pimple Popper. Fortunately, this is not our reality, and there are a few simple steps we can take to conquer summer … safely.
  • Talking Politics? Know Your Limits

    Today’s political climate is, to say the least, spirited and vivacious. Whether it’s conversations around the dinner table, on the sidewalk downtown or at your weekly ukulele club meeting, politics seem to have taken center stage. No matter your political leaning, it is important to remember that all military personnel and civilian employees are required to follow DoD and Air Force Regulations concerning involvement in political activities.
  • The power of the NCO

    I began my Air Force career as an enlisted Airman, and I oftentimes reflect on the leaders who have impacted me, both personally and professionally, during those early years of my career.
  • Define your "Dover Experience"

    When Airmen get their assignments to Dover, many may have to Google “Dover” just to find out where it is on the map. In addition to learning where Dover is located, many also learn about the “Dover Experience.” When I first heard the term, I did not really understand it; but now that I have lived it, the “Dover Experience” has become more meaningful to me. I see the “Dover Experience” as a combination of the countless unique opportunities Dover Air Force Base and our Dover community bring to those who live and work here. The various events our Dover Airmen attended this past weekend showcase this. Before leaving for the weekend, I enjoyed a fantastic First Friday at the Landings with Team Dover Airmen. This was no ordinary First Friday as we had a few extra visitors. NASCAR race cars were on display, and all attendees enjoyed a free event with country singers John Rich and Cowboy Troy. As I watched Master Sgt. Jesus Revilla and Master Sgt. Scott Priputen accompany John Rich on guitar and drums, respectively, in the background, I knew this would be a special experience they would never forget. Then, on Saturday, I donned my colonial garb, and as Caesar Rodney, I joined my fellow Airmen as they participated in and enjoyed the Dover Days Parade. My wife and I had the opportunity to serve as reviewing officials, and it was a blast! In the reviewing stand, I had the honor of accompanying Delaware Gov. John Carney and Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen. Throughout the day, I was able to see firsthand how the Dover Mayor’s phrase of “Dover is Dover Air Force Base, and Dover Air Force Base is Dover” is absolutely true. As I watched the parade, I could not help but notice the level of involvement from our Dover AFB Airmen and their families. I saw our very own Dover AFB Honor Guard marching. I saw our Airmen and their families in the parade, integrated into the community organizations on display or enjoying the event as spectators in the crowd. What an incredible display of the long-standing partnership we share with our community!