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  • Challenge yourself … Get uncomfortable

    Team Dover … I hope the lights are back on by the time this prints! You’ve had a roller-coaster of a week, and you’ve earned some time off. Take the time for yourself to do nothing at all ... for a bit. Then, get back at it. Take the time to do what you love. Take the time to better yourself. Take the time to brush up on and hone your skills. Most importantly, take the time to get uncomfortable doing it.
  • What is a "military family"?

    Each November, the president signs a proclamation declaring it as Military Family Month, so as we prepare to enter this family-filled month, I ask myself: What, exactly, is a “military family”? Our family members are right there with us, enduring the hardships military life brings. For this, our families are forever the champions: the glue that keeps us on point, ready to do the nation’s business. It is everyone’s responsibility, whether you are married with children or a single Airman living in the dorms, to ensure our brothers- and sisters-in-arms are taken care of. It’s the military way, and it’s the family thing to do.
  • When you hear “Equal Opportunity,” what comes to mind?

    We need to teach our youth that there is no place for discrimination and that we are all created equal, regardless of our backgrounds. We are not defined by where we come from; we are defined by where we are going and how we embrace others. For me, “equal opportunity” looks like love. It looks like commitment and taking a stand to ensure none are discriminated against. The strength of love will end discrimination, for love casts out fear.
  • Cybersecurity month: in retrospect

    Even though National Cybersecurity Awareness Month ends on the last day of October, we can always learn more about cybersecurity and improve how we defend ourselves against online threats. The weakest part of any cyber defense system is you: the end user. Malicious actors know this and actively target uneducated users; the best defense against those cyber threats is education.
  • Balancing operations in congested and contested environments

    Today’s complex security landscape, characterized by an increased rate of technological change and rising great power competition, means the Mobility Air Force (MAF) faces a unique set of challenges. While maintaining the underpinnings of our nation’s power projection is still our critical mission, we find ourselves balancing operations in contested environments with operations in congested environments.
  • Talking turkey: Avoiding cyber blunders

    The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s time to live in the moment with family and catch up with relatives, but it’s also a time for sweet deals on the newest and greatest technology of the year. That’s right – Black Friday shopping is just around the corner!
  • Who do you want to be?

    In any organization, people can feel pressured to conform to a certain mold in order to be accepted by the group. In the Air Force, this is a reality for many, regardless of whether or not their perceptions are founded. Personally, I have always ascribed to just doing my own thing and doing it well. Trust me: we need you more than you need to fit a certain mold.
  • Cybersecurity at Home: Defending the Family

    In today’s increasingly connected world, citizens must be vigilant with which devices they and their families use and how they connect to the web. These devices include standard desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, which are commonplace in almost every American home and office but also include many new “smart” technologies that are becoming more prevalent in society.
  • Cybersecurity and You: Own IT

    Social media, smart devices and phone applications are the new wild west of the 21st century. Websites and apps come and go by the day, with people flocking to each and leaving just as quickly. With each new trend and each new app, comes a bevy of new potential risks to you, the consumer, from malicious actors, such as nation-states, criminal organizations, the lone hacker and companies wishing to harvest your data for profit. The good news, however, is that you can take steps to mitigate risks to you, your family and your data. For this week’s cybersecurity awareness article, we will be discussing “owning” IT and how to secure our social media profiles and maintain our privacy online.
  • Thank you, Team Dover!

    Last January at my commander’s call, I talked about our strategic calendar. At the time, when we looked at September, it was extremely busy … too busy. So, we made decisions to lighten September’s load. We asked Air Mobility Command to move our Unit Effectiveness Inspection, and they did — we had it in May instead of September. We moved our next base exercise from September to the second week of November. This came at a price. For example, we lost a few months of preparation for the UEI, but it did not stop the wing from doing well and earning an “Excellent.” As September approached, the load still was not light enough. The air show and the Air Force Ball in the same weekend proved too difficult; so we modified how we commemorated the Air Force’s birthday, changing it from a ball format to celebrating it in the squadrons and on the flight line the day prior to the air show.