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  • Air Force innovator leaves legacy

    In 10 years as an Air Force Security Forces member, Staff Sgt. Brandon Chapelo has served on such assignments as; a base closure team in Saudi Arabia, a tactical security element mine resistance ambush protection vehicle driver for the AF Office of Special Investigations and the NCO in charge of

  • More in a day than most in a month

    Seventy percent of all normal cargo headed for contingency operations overseas originates from Dover Air Force Base, Del. When met by disaster, such as Hurricane Irene, Dover AFB can load and unload 1.2 million pounds of cargo in three days; more cargo than most bases process in a month. This cargo

  • Putting miles behind the memories

    Everyone has a story. Some are tales of heroism, some of ordinary daily events. However, each one of these stories has special meaning to those who lived through it. On Sept. 11, 2001, Jerry Murphy, a freshman in a Philadelphia high school, learned of the events at the World Trade Center like many

  • Weathering the storm together

    As the rain fell, some took shelter in their dorm rooms, with duffel bags full of water bottles and Meals Ready to Eat. Others comforted their spouses and children as they anxiously awaited the storm in their homes or shelters; many drove away from threatened areas on the Delaware highways. A few

  • New kid on the block

    The Dover Air Force Base, Del., Air Mobility Command Museum has long been home to many landmarks of American avionic innovation. The retired military and civilian airframes are restored to historically accurate quality by museum volunteers and displayed for the enjoyment of several generations of

  • To the best, the rest are just pests

    They fight the battles history books will not show. They've battled Japanese and Germans, but not on the hills of Iwo Jima or the beaches of Normandy; they fight on the flightline, picnic areas and offices of Dover Air Force Base, Del. They are the scourge of Japanese Beetles, German Cockroaches and

  • Defenders of the force

    Rising three hours before the sun, they strap 20 pounds of gear to their chest. Reporting to morning formation to receive weapons and assignments, these Team Dover Airmen have one of the most critical missions at Dover Air Force Base, Del. -- security."If I do my job, everything will run smooth,"

  • Controlling the tempo of the base

    Their stage is a 20 foot by 25 foot room dimly lit by computer screens. The players are 65 members of Team Dover with about 13 on shift at any given time. The operations of the base dance to their rhythm.Echoes of airplane tail numbers and the chiming of incoming phone and radio calls are anchored

  • Harsh reality strengthens partnership

    Adrenaline is pumping through Airman 1st Class Damien Taylor's veins and sweat is dripping down his face as he holds the shoulder of the man in front of him. A two-man team of security forces members line up on a wall ready to clear a room. An active shooter has entered Carpenter Hall at Wesley

  • Protecting lives is their job

    On April 3, 2006, a C-5 Galaxy crashed into a field just a mile short of a runway and broke into three pieces. The heavily damaged pieces meant the crew and passengers only had one way to exit the plane quickly and safely - with the five inflatable slides on the plane, which worked flawlessly.Master