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  • Initial success or total failure

    Traveling south on a Provincial Reconstruction Team towards Farah, Afghanistan, three Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal members were tasked with providing cover for a convoy of vehicles with the 82nd Airborne Division.The area was extremely dangerous and Master Sgt. Jennifer Burch, 436th Civil

  • Restoring memories

    On the tarmac of the Dover Air Force Base, Del., Air Mobility Command Museum, aircraft of a past generation come to their final resting place. After careers spent soaring across the skies of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, they now spend their days under the observation of museum patrons, while their

  • The team behind the scenes

    The red carpet doesn't just magically roll out when a distinguished visitor walks into the gates of Dover Air Force Base, Del., and the big official parties where important decisions are discussed don't just throw themselves. The 436th Airlift Wing Protocol Office works directly for the wing

  • A bird in the hand better than two in the turbine

    A Red Fox is born to a litter of three in a burrow just outside the fence on the north end of Dover Air Force Base, Del. Eventually this fox will grow up to forage dead animals and bring them back to the den to feed his family.A short time later, vultures arrive to the den to feast. They steal the

  • Running towards danger

    An aircraft can burn at more than 5,600 F, enough to obliterate everything in its path. If this fire spreads it could take down the entire flightline. While most service members would be scrambling away, the firefighters of the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron head directly to the emergency."Our job is

  • Safety has your back

    Everything from bird patterns to motorcycle equipment; these Team Dover members know it all. The 436th Airlift Wing Safety Office has the responsibility of monitoring the safety of all aspects of Dover Air Force Base, Del."Everything we do in the wing safety office is to protect Team Dover's

  • Eagle's Rest soaring to the top

    Dover Air Force Base, Del. is a small base nestled on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its geographical placement the base has a giant mission moving cargo and servicemembers to and from overseas locations. There is a constant flow about the base, evident in the taxi cabs and

  • Team Dover's additions to an American tradition

    NASCAR fans were treated to the sounds of roaring stockcars, F-16 engines and the soft billowing of American and checkered flags at the tripleheader event of May 13 - 15 at Dover International Speedway, Del. The weekend featured the Lucas Oil 200, 5-Hour Energy 200 and FedEx 400 benefitting Autism

  • Hard hats and hard work

    When it comes to getting the job done right, they hit the nail on the head. They put a roof over the head of Team Dover, keep the temperature comfortable for them to work, and keep their facilities running smoothly. They are the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron, and the projects they take on keep the

  • Summer fun at the Youth Center

    Summer is a special time of year for the youth of America -- school is out. They have no more teachers, homework or early wake-up calls to catch the bus. For many children, it is a time of adventure and hanging around the neighborhood. For the children of Dover Air Force Base, Del., there is an