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  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness: Socially sound

    When you think of someone with strong social skills, what comes to mind? Do you think of an awe-inspiring speaker, a car salesman or perhaps the soothing voice of a closer?
  • Dental flight members educate youth on Children’s Dental Health Month

    To raise awareness for this Children’s Dental Health Month and general oral health, members of the 436th Aerospace Medicine Squadron’s dental flight visited students at the Welsh Elementary School, Youth Center and Child Development Center here during the month.
  • Ramstein mobility Airmen repair Dover C-17

    RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- Maintenance recovery teams from the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing here can be sent out the door at any given moment to fix broken aircraft throughout Europe. Two Airmen, Staff Sgt. Kyle Brooks and Senior Airman Kody Hatch, both  721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron aircraft fuel systems technicians, experienced
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness: Physical strength

    When you hear the word ‘physical,’ what image comes to your mind? Do you picture a body builder flexing on a stage, track star bolting off the line, an endurance athlete pressing through ‘the wall’ or perhaps a competitor in the Highland games tossing a caber?
  • Happy Holidays, Team Dover!

    On behalf of the leadership at Dover Air Force Base, thank you all for dedicating your time and talent in service to our nation and the preservation of freedom world-wide in 2016. The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on our accomplishments while relaxing with friends and family. Together—the 436th and 512th Airlift Wings, AF Mortuary Affairs Operations, Joint Personal Effects Depot, Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, and Dover’s other Mission Partners, supported by our Dover, Kent County, and First State of Delaware communities alongside numerous volunteer organizations like the United Service Organization—we are an amazing family that makes Dover a very special place!
  • Making Christmas memories while ensuring mission success

    Most holidays celebrated in the U.S. focus on family time in some shape or fashion, but perhaps, none is as iconic as Christmas.Whether it involves decorating a tree or house with lights, watching countless Christmas movies or enjoying a baked ham, every family has their own tradition, even if it’s just being a scrooge.Military members often
  • A Wingman’s role in suicide prevention

    When was the last time someone asked you how you were … and really meant it? When was the last time you not only asked someone how they were, but also waited for an answer?
  • Custom build: MXS supports DT mission

    The 436th and 512th Maintenance Squadrons’ Aircraft Metals Technology Shop has worked hand-in-hand with Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations to ensure the success of the dignified transfer mission by designing and fabricating a custom frame for AFMAO’s new transfer vehicles.
  • New App aims to eliminate Shaken Baby Syndrome

    All new parents know that babies cry, sometimes with no apparent explanation. That’s when parents are most at risk of shaking their baby.