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  • A Face of Team Dover: Vol. 2, No. 1

    Highlighting the numerous Airmen that serve at Dover Air Force Base, "A Face of Team Dover" will introduce you to the individuals that make Team Dover "Deliver Excellence."Rank and Name:  Rich BowmanUnit: 436 A/W Inspector General OfficeDuty Title:  Deputy Inspector General, Director of InspectionsTime in the Air Force:  24 Years Active Duty, 8
  • It all started with one wrecked airplane

    It all started with one wrecked airplane in 1986. Today, the ever-growing Air Mobility Command Museum boasts a collection of 33 aircraft, a staff of more than 170 volunteers and a visitor experience that rivals the most notable museums in the country."We started with 20 feet of space in one of the maintenance hangars with an airplane that nobody
  • From flight equipment to fanciful cakes

    Jean Lawrence's hair is tied back, nice and neat. Her makeup is flawless and her square framed glasses make her look very serious. Her attention is directed towards her mixing bowl. She doesn't talk much as she eyeballs how much confectioner's sugar she's adding to her icing mixture. She turns the mixer back on and it kicks up a cloud of sugar that
  • Base vet supports mission, your pets

    U.S. Army Capt. Jeffries enters the exam room where the patient and his escort are waiting. The room is sterile and cool. The visit starts out with a typical exchange of greetings, but the only sound the patient makes is a whine. Jefferies turns her attention to the patient and kneels down to his level. The patient charges towards her, and greets
  • Keeping Team Dover Flying: One part at a time

    The last Pontiac Bonneville rolled off a General Motors production line in 2005, depriving current Bonneville owners a source of new parts for their aging vehicles, without having to order expensive custom made components from fabricators. Correspondingly, Lockheed produced its last C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft in 1989, leaving the Air Force with
  • 3d AS gets down and dirty

    The pilots are running through their final procedures and double checking that all information inputted into the aircraft's computer is precise and accurate. They prepare to land on a dirt airstrip that is only 3,563 feet long and 90 feet wide. There is no margin for error as lives could depend on the supplies that are carried on board of the
  • A Face of Team Dover: Vol. 1, No. 4

    Highlighting the numerous Airmen that serve at Dover Air Force Base, "A Face of Team Dover" will introduce you to the individuals that make Team Dover "Deliver Excellence."Rank and Name: Maj. Christine SmetanaUnit: 436th Medical Operations SquadronDuty Title: Family health flight commander and family medicine physicianTime in the Air Force: Ten
  • MDSS Lab: more than just blood

    The 436th Medical Support Squadron laboratory mission is to ensure Team Dover is healthy.The lab is a multifaceted operation dealing with more than just blood and feces. The five-person team keeps busy monitoring Airmen for a variety of maladies."We collect samples and we run the test or ship them out," said Master Sgt. Ken Kramer, 436th MDSS NCO
  • Special Olympics volunteers make event a success

    A volunteer recalls a young man, around 8 years old, at the starting line of the race. He was visibly nervous. He rubbed his hands together as he told his supporters he was scared. He was not sure if he could still compete. His mother, father and brother were all standing by the starting line as well as numerous volunteers who were there to support
  • Sixty-seven plus years of Airpower

    With Sept. 18 approaching, what does the U.S. Air Force want for its 67th birthday; new state-of-the-art fighter jets, more un-manned aerial vehicles, newly updated maintenance facilities or how about additional satellites to launch into space? The answer is none of the above. What the Air Force really wants for its birthday is for all Airmen to