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  • Porters comb through Airman’s Manual in preparation for ORI

    Preparing for an operational readiness inspection is time consuming for any Air Force installation. Throughout the months of spin-up training and base-wide exercises, people who at one time were on ORI teams may change station or be tagged for a short-notice deployment. According to Capt. Mark Heil,

  • Loggies prepare DAFB for exercise

    There's one squadron who may be speaking the truth when they boldly say, "Without us, it does not happen.' The 436th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides fuel, transportation, weapons, mobility gear and government vehicles for the base, as well as handling supplies and equipment for the C-5 and

  • 436th OG prepares to transport Airmen, fly missions during ORI

    Every Airman works toward one mission during an operational readiness inspection, the safe launching of aircraft supporting operations at a forward deployed location. Security Forces provide security, maintainers keep aircraft operational, loggies provide equipment and vehicles to move

  • Ready for war? XP Airmen keep Team Dover prepared for any contingency

    Preparing to deploy is tough. It's stressful on Airmen and their families, as well as their units who are now operating with one less person. Imagine deploying more than 700 people in a single day. The task of getting a wing ready to forward deploy, or in the case of Team Dover ready for an

  • Ready sert ORI! 436th MSS gives 411 on their ORI prep

    Team Dover has participated in deployment exercises for several months now, practicing and testing units and individual Airmen to prepare and deploy for combat. As for the 436th Mission Support Squadron, they've practiced and prepared for the inspection they say they're more than ready for. "We've

  • Two Dover Airmen strive to keep deployed fire teams on ‘go’

    BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan - Fire, Fire, Fire! Sirens blare and smoke pours out of a hanger. Bagram-based firefighters quickly don their fire-retardant suits and scurry toward their engines. They jump aboard the engine, ready to go and the driver turns the ignition ... nothing more than an eerie

  • 'Special' APS Airmen safely handle hazardous, classified cargo

    When one hears of the 436th Aerial Port Squadron, the first word that comes to mind is "cargo."There are a handful of Porters who can say the cargo they handle is special. The Airmen of the 436th Aerial Port Squadron special handling section have a career that is definitely unique for a

  • Dover Airmen learn about consequences, choices

    Orlando City Fire Department firefighters and paramedics, Pat Kelly and Chris Stocks, came to give Team Dover Airmen a glimpse of what they see and do every single day on the streets of Orlando, Fla. The firemen came to present "Street Smart" from the Stay Alive From Education Program during the 101

  • WWII Army Nurse at Dover AFB, AMC Museum honors bronze star recipient

    At the age of 25, Dorothy Richter joined to serve her country honorably during World War II. But today, near the age of 92, this combat nurse has retired an emblem of honor. More than 100 people came to recognize the military heroine in a ceremony May 7 at the Air Mobility Command Museum. Ms.