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  • Legendary Tuskegee pilot addresses base Airmen

    In 1943 with mounds of prejudice piled before him, a young black man from Arkansas cut through all the ignorant, insolent words and abuse thrown at him to join the ranks of an elite all-black flying unit - the Tuskegee Airman. The young pilot's accomplishments did not stop there. Granville Coggs

  • Team Dover doctor moves to South Dakota to assist Lakota Sioux

    The desire to serve and make a positive impact on humanity has been a common theme throughout the life of a 512th Airlift Wing flight surgeon. This desire is what motivates Dr. Matthew J.G. Cazan, a lieutenant colonel in the 512th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, to travel 1,600 miles from South Dakota

  • Marine trains at Dover, guns for '09 Senior Olympics

    What do the Marine Corps, senior citizens and the Olympics have in common with Dover Air Force Base? The answer is Bill Dawkins, a 79-year-old former Marine Corps private first class. The Marine, who served in World War II, practices and sharpens his racquetball skills at the Dover Air Force Base

  • Military Working Dogs, Taking a bite out of crime

    They're strong and trained to take their enemy down. They're tested to see if they'll remain loyal. If they pass, they'll move on to the next phase of training, hoping to become mission ready. Does this sound familiar? They're the Military Working Dogs in the 436th Security Forces Squadron who work

  • By air, sea or land - TQ warriors fight as one

    The only sound resonating in the silent, desert air was that of Old Glory, blowing in the wind with the 'eagle, globe and anchor,' gently rustling below and the clanking of the flag's cleat against the flagpole. Suddenly, the silence was broken with the commanding voice of a barrel-chested man, who

  • What it means to be a Raven

    Part 1 of a 3-part series The number 1335. For some, this is just an ordinary number. But for a Raven, this is his identity. "This number defines who I am - a Raven," said Tech. Sgt. Michael Hernandez, 436th Security Forces Squadron deputy Raven program manager. "A Raven number is given to an Airman

  • A Dover Airman's dream came true

    Growing up, children have dreams that inspire them to strive toward their futures. Some kids dream of becoming fire fighters, police officers or teachers, aspiring to be like someone they know or look up to. But as the years go by, many may change their minds and something may hold them back from

  • Let there be light

    In the spirit of the holiday season, Team Dover hosted a menorah dedication followed by a Christmas tree lighting ceremony Tuesday at the Dover Air Force Base Main Gate. Members of the Dover Team and the local community met at 5 p.m. to "bring light" and officially kick off Dover AFB's holiday