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  • 'Tis the season to think safety

    The smell of cinnamon and gingerbread is in the air. The brisk winter has set in - Thanksgiving has past, it's now time for the holidays. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly," echoes throughout the house as a family trims their Christmas tree and lines their rooftop with decorative lights. "Tis the

  • ‘Giving Thanks’ Deployed Airmen send holiday messages home

    Nearly 400 years ago, a small group of Pilgrims seeking freedom from religious persecution and tyranny set sail from England to the New World. Now, another group of people journeyed to far-away lands and, in a similar spirit of America's founding fathers, are fighting for the freedom of the men,

  • Sport-bike safety course educates Airmen

    Sport-bike riders may love the freedom of cruising down the road, but would every rider know what to do if they were suddenly side-swiped by the vehicle next to them? "In the last 10 years, AMC has lost 30 Airmen and an additional 197 Airmen have lost their duty time due to motorcycle mishaps," said

  • Will you remember? Unlikely meeting makes friends for life

    A veteran recalls the dark, winter nights in Germany, where hundreds of Axis soldiers were planted in trenches on the other side of the dark field, waiting to saw down any Ally who emerged on the other side. The war was bloody and nobody could imagine relationships with the Germans ever being good

  • Uncovering the ‘ghosts’ of Halloween past

    The hands of the old clock stand vertical as tiny ghoulish creatures pass to and fro', their heads measuring eye to eye with the ghostly fog, snaking around the buildings, houses and yards. The streets of Eagle Heights, which were once the pride of the command for their beautiful houses and

  • More than just a box

    I am a high-grade composite-plastic box. My life as a box has been useful. Since my creation, I've been shuffled and moved from place to place. My entire existence has built up to these past few years, for it was then I met my purpose. Nearly every day, I am packed with hundreds of pounds of

  • Airman by day, artisan by night

    His hands are covered red in paint. Squinting his eyes, he centers all of his concentration into his masterpiece. Showing his patience, he mixes multiple colors together with a motion of his wrist. As an Airman, a husband, and father of two involved in community service, this airbrush artist custom

  • 40 years later, still serving

    More than 40 years after serving in the jungles of Vietnam, Dave Wilson, a retired Airman and avid United Services Organization volunteer was honored with the USO's first volunteer of the year award. Mr. Wilson was presented the award during the USO World Gala ceremony in Washington D.C. Sept. 21.

  • Not your father’s base housing

    Imagine base housing - a group of aging structures with scratched trim, worn paint, leaking roofs and windows that mimic the sound of a freight train when the wind blows through their leaking seams. Though this may have been the situation on military installations around the world in the years past,

  • Do you know the muffin man?

    A sweet fragrance fills the air as the muffin man works magic in his bakery from night to morning. Airmen fast-asleep may not know who he is, but are familiar with the savory cookies and desserts he bakes for the Patterson Dining Facility. Behind the closed doors of the kitchen is Airman 1st Class