Home Life



  • Sleep 

  • Exercise/Physical Fitness 

  • Body Composition 

  • Nutrition 

  • Weight management 

  • Tobacco Cessation 

  • Alcohol/drug use 

  • PT Test Improvement  



Patient Advocate:

300 Tuskegee Blvd, 436th MDG, Bldg. 300, 2nd floor across from Medical Records.
Dover AFB, DE 19902
Phone: (302) 677-6930
0730-1630, Mon-Frii

Patients have the right to make recommendations, ask questions, or file concerns with the MTF Patient Advocate.



Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

300 Tuskegee Blvd. 436 Medical Group, Bldg. 300
Dover AFB 19902
Phone: (302) 677-2711
0730-1630, Mon-Fri Closed all federal holidays

Assessment and treatment provided for individuals, partners, and families with issues related to Intimate Partner Abuse/domestic violence (e.g., dating or married) and child abuse and neglect. Treatment Managers work with family members providing individual, group, or couples therapy.



Child and Youth Military & Family Life Counseling

441 & 461 W. Winters
4691 Patriots Drive
Scott AFB, IL 62225
Phone: (618) 381-0635
(618) 302-0950

Supports and augments installation Child and Youth Programs to provide private and confidential non-medical counseling services




320 Ward Drive, Bldg. 1620
Phone: 1-866-580-9078
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Mon-Fri, on-call 24/7

Provides absolute, 100% confidential counseling in all areas with privileged communication and no duty to report anything.



Military OneSource

Phone: (800) 342-9647
Available 24/7

Provides Non-Medical Counseling: face-to-face counseling, online counseling, telephonic counseling, video counseling.



School Liason Officer

404 W. Martin St, Bldg. 1650
Phone: (618) 256-9595
0730 – 1630, Mon-Fri

Provides answers to military children and teens concerns. Seeks to engage and educate policymakers, not-for-profit associations, concerned business interests, and other leaders about the needs of military members & their families.



Employee Assistance Program

Phone: 1-866-580-9078
Available 24/7

Offers free confidential services to help you and your household members manage everyday challenges and work on more complex issues.



Exceptional Family Member Program

404 W. Martin St, Bldg. 1650
Phone: (618) 256-4746
8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Mon-Thurs.

Provides support services for all members of Team Scott that have a family member with a disability or specific medical/educational needs.



Child Development Program

1807 W. Winters Street
Phone: (618) 256-2669
0630-1800, Mon-Fri

The installation has two Child Development Centers (CDCs). Both CDCs offer weekly and hourly child care for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years.



Youth Center

4691 Patriots Drive
Phone: (618) 256-5139
0630-1800, Mon-Fri

The School Age Program (SAP) offers before/after school child care and a Summer Camp for children ages 5-12 years. Members ages 9-17 can use the Open Recreation Program to engage in a variety of activities of their choosing.




101 Heritage Drive, Heritage Drive, Bldg. P3
Phone: (618) 256-3542
0900-1000 Tues & Thurs

Licensed attorneys offer confidential consultation to active duty, dependents of active duty, retirees, dependents of retirees, and Reserve/Guard troops on orders.




510 POW/MIA Dr, Bldg p40
Scott AFB, 62225
Phone: 123-456-7896

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