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  • Labor Day: Historically dangerous time for DAFB

    Team Dover celebrates an Air Mobility Command's family day today and begins a four-day weekend to celebrate Labor Day. The extended weekend also marks the end of this year's '101 Critical Days of Summer' safety campaign here. "Since Memorial Day, 11 Dover Team members have received injuries serious

  • ‘Log Dogs’ keep doctors supplied

    The word 'basement' sparks the first thought of a dusty, dark and shabby room with no windows, no light and never ending piles of unwanted junk stacked on top of one another. But imagine a well-lit basement, filled with all sorts of supplies organized on automatic moving shelves. Pens used by

  • PMEL: No margin of error

    Image winning an all-expense-paid vacation of your dreams! You eagerly wait for the tickets to arrive and then you scurry off to the airport to catch the flight. A few hours into the flight, something goes terribly wrong. On approach to your destination, the belly of the craft braises the top of a

  • Fly over Dover

    Imagine this - You plant your feet on the pedals and firmly hold the steering wheel. Your stomach feels unsettled and you hesitate from pressing any buttons, knowing the consequences could be devastating. Keep the nose high, the tail low and balancing just enough to keep the plane flying you think,

  • Enlisted medics - Dover Airman provides needed care with pride

    "Medic! I need a medic over here," shouts an Airman as he swiftly attempts on-the-spot self-aid, buddy-care bandaging techniques on his fellow Soldier, who was just wounded severely by incoming hostile fire from a nearby building. Under a cover of friendly machine-gun fire, a medic quickly comes to

  • Dover Heads West for AMC Rodeo

    A band of Airmen, their knuckles stiff, gloves worn through and brows dripping sweat after a grueling 12 hours of combating a turbo-fan engine, scurry across the airfield with their toolboxes in hand. Yellow lights flash overhead as aerial porters taxi their k-loaders back to the docks. The security

  • SFS Airman lives ‘American dream’

    Part 3 of a 3-part seriesPeople from all over the world come to America searching for opportunity. Leaving everything behind to chase after their dreams, some people leave their homeland to make money and become rich and wealthy. Others come to pursue freedom of speech, freedom of religion and

  • Defense Couriers: Excellence in secure, rapid movement

    A two-person team secures a pallet of classified test equipment aboard a small military aircraft at Defense Courier Station Honolulu. Meanwhile, another two-person team leaves DCS San Diego via surface transportation, escorting classified material to a local customer. As these deliveries are being