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  • Local maintenance team selected for unique assignment

    While many are unaware of the role of crew chiefs at Dover Air Force Base, this group of skilled maintenance members plays an invaluable role each day to ensure that Team Dover's aircraft are ready to fly. From working on the engines, conducting maintenance tests, refueling, servicing, maintaining

  • Police Week: a time to honor those who have sworn to protect and serve

    Law enforcement officers came together during National Police Week to pay tribute to fallen police officers who have paid a price or made a sacrifice in the line of duty. The 436th Security Forces Squadron and Delaware law enforcement officers gathered together to support National Police Week near

  • Defying Gravity: MXS Test Cell guarantees C-5 fit for flight

    A handful of Airmen here are responsible for inspecting and fixing $6 million worth of equipment that propels the 800,000-pound C-5 Galaxy to deliver cargo to warfighters around the world. "This is close as you can come to being a pilot without having wings," said Vincent Alois, 436th Maintenance

  • Want to tour U.S. or Europe: Dover ‘hops’ could get you there

    Dover Air Force Base's Air Passenger Terminal moves space-available travelers to several U.S. and European destinations daily. The travel is space available; cargo or other mission requirements will be met prior to the 436th Aerial Port Squadron Air Passenger Terminal releasing seats for passengers.

  • Straight 'chute' to safety

    Fire, Fire, Fire! Sirens blare and smoke pours into the six-story high stairwell here. Rather than braving the treacherous trap of a smoke-filled stairwell, the tower air traffic controllers simply pick up the phone, call the base fire department and head out onto the catwalk toward the life chute,

  • Glistening the past; 4 veterans restore retired plane

    The year is 1948, the gentle voice of Frank Sinatra is singing, "It only happens when I dance with you," out of the speakers of the new '48 Tucker sedan. Then, like a flash of lightning, the sleek new Lockheed Constellation bolts overhead, streaking across the California skyline, whizzing by at a

  • ‘Atten-TION!’ Students receive technical, professional training at Dover

    "Road guards out," shouts a motivated and organized student leader, dressed in an immaculate uniform, sporting a distinctive yellow rope over his left shoulder. The disciplined students, garbed in bright-orange vests, march out into the center of Atlantic Avenue and secure a safe passage for their

  • Dover AFB Weather Flight gives Airmen heads up

    Stand-up comedian George Carlin once joked, "Weather forecast for tonight: Dark, continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning." Although his comical forecast is quite accurate, it is a bit too vague for the needs of aircrews that depend upon timely and precise climate