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  • AFSO 21 class teaches Airmen to do the seemingly impossible

    1st in a 2-part series The Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century basic course here starts out like any other typical class. There are the usual pointed jabs toward the location of bathroom, snack bar and assembly meeting point in case of a fire. Then each student takes turns stating their

  • Still serving -- Volunteer retirees assist facilities around base

    Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines spend twenty years or more serving their county. They deploy to remote locations around the globe, supporting freedom and protecting the American way of life. When they retire, many are driven to stay involved with the DoD, but may not know how. This is where

  • A brief history of Fire Prevention Week

    Every October, Airmen here are bound to see numerous fliers, bulletins and advertisements for Dover Air Force Base's Fire Prevention Week. They may have also seen the 436th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Department at the Base Exchange doing fire extinguisher training, and may have even stopped at the

  • Chaplain Candidate Program; Pathway to become a military religious leader

    Glorifying God, Honoring Airmen and Serving All is the vision statement of the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Service. For those in the Chaplain Candidate Program, that is the vision they aspire to call their own.With this unique program, interested candidates have the opportunity to experience life as a

  • QAEs work closely with contractors to keep aging fleet clean, top shape

    A group of seasoned technicians have a job description many would love to get paid for – people watching. The 436th Maintenance Group Quality Assurance office is responsible for making sure every move of more than a dozen Starlight Corporation (a military contractor) workers who clean one of the

  • Dover mechanic drag races, wins NHRA trophy

    Dover has two landmarks that set it apart from every other city in the region: an Air Force base and an international speedway. Each of these landmarks draws large audiences from around the globe; however, few people have inner access to both fast-paced, exciting worlds. Even fewer yet turn wrenches